Skin care and Cleansing


1. When washing your face in the morning, you should use cleansing products instead of warm water.

2. Rinsing makeup remover products should be rinsed within 1 minute after use.

3.The reason for clogged pores on the face is not only excessive sebum secretion, but also excessive washing of the face and insufficient moisturizing.

4, do not soak the face before removing makeup,keep the face dry.

5. Do not use makeup remover wipes every day. Avoid irritation from scrubbing and makeup remover wipes.


1. The parts with low sebaceous glands can only be cleaned with warm water,and the forearms and legs can be cleaned with soap up to 3 times a week.

2. Use cleaning products to clean the head, chest, back and feet during bathing to secrete more sebum;

3. Acne is easy to breed on the chest and back. After cleaning with cleaning products,apply a refreshing moisturizer to moisturize;

4. Elbows and knees turn black due to pressure/friction/dryness, apply exfoliating moisturizer 1-2 times a month.

5. Five principles to protect beautiful hands:

(1) Don't wet your hands.

(2) Wipe off water immediately after wet hands;

(3) Wash your hands with soap if necessary.

(4) Put the hand cream in the bag in the kitchen and bedroom;

(5)apply sunscreen products.