Six tips for beauty and skin care

​​Still worried that you don't understand daily skin care steps and beauty techniques?

What you need to know is that skin care is not just applying skin care products. The beauty tips in our daily lives cannot be ignored. Mastering these tips will definitely add points to your skin care work. If you are a girl who loves her skin, then these beauty tips should be carefully written down, because these tips will make you take fewer detours in the process of daily skin care and achieve a multiplier effect with less effort!

Six little common sense of beauty and skin care, shaping whitening and hydrating skin Six little common sense of beauty and skin care,shaping whitening and hydrating skin

1. No matter what the function of the mask is, it has a deep cleansing effect on the skin, so it can't be applied for too long, and it will be fully cleansed after 30 minutes at most.

2.If there are more spots on your face,you can eat foods containing vitamin E or vitamin E appropriately,such as citrus, hawthorn, tomatoes, lemons, walnuts, etc., because these foods can reduce pigmentation, and at the same time, try to eat less photosensitive foods, such as celery, etc., to avoid stimulating the precipitation of melanin.

3. Many foods have beauty effects.For example, tofu can whiten. After getting up every morning, clean your face a little bit, gently rub your face with a piece of tofu for a few minutes.If you insist on doing this for a month, your facial skin will become white, tender and moisturized.

4. The elasticity of the skin, its ability to shrink and generate collagen will decrease with age.The skin is loose,and the original round pores will also relax and sag into oval or tear-like, and the pores are large.Therefore, do a good job in the moisturizing process,add a lot of moisture to the skin, and increase the elasticity of the skin from the inside in order to fundamentally delay skin aging and solve pore problems.

5.Before going to bed, you can apply lotion with firming and calming effects. After soaking the compressed mask or cotton pad, apply it on your face for 20 minutes.You can do this every night,and the skin will gradually become clear and moist.

6.When you want to sleep,cut the cucumber into thin slices,place it on your face and take it off in a few minutes.Cucumber is a beauty holy product.After a month, you will find that your skin turns white a lot.

Master these little common sense, and then apply skin care products normally,the skin care effect will be able to achieve the desired effect in your mind!