Seven ways to shape a smooth neck

Neck lines are wrinkles on the human neck, caused by the aging of epidermal cells and the atrophy of connective tissue.There are two reasons for normal wrinkles,one is that epidermal cells age,become inactive, cell metabolism is not prosperous, moisture is reduced, and the cell body collapses; the second is the atrophy of connective tissue, the most important of which is the reduction of collagen.

How to remove neck lines


The skin on our necks is also the same as the skin on our faces, which is often exposed to the sun, and is relatively fragile. However, many girls will remember to do a good job of sunscreen on our faces and ignore our necks. It also needs good care. Over time, the skin on our necks will suffer more damage and obvious neck lines will appear, so doing a good job of sunscreen on the neck can also prevent the generation of neck lines.


Many beautiful women have the habit of going to beauty salons to give facial massages, so at the same time, you can also use some essential oils to massage the skin on our neck, which can enhance the blood circulation on our neck, and take good care of the skin on our neck, which has a great effect on preventing the occurrence of neck lines.

3. Neck exercises

This neck exercise is very suitable for OL, not only can help you eliminate neck lines, but also eliminate fatigue.Method:Make the head forward to the chest,rotate left and right,stretch the muscles as much as possible, and rotate the neck alternately before and after.Rotate your head in a circle from left to right,then change direction,and repeat the action for 3 minutes.Then the palms of both hands are up, alternately pulling gently from the clavicle down the chin.

4.Supplement the right amount of vitamins

The lack of vitamin ingredients in the body will directly react to our skin, and it is because of this factor that many small neck lines will appear on the skin of our necks. Everyone can usually supplement some vitamins appropriately or eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent neck lines. It also has a certain auxiliary effect.

5.Adjust the sleeping position

Incorrect sleeping posture will also breed annoying neck lines.For example, if the pillow used for the cushion is too high, it will also have a certain impact on the generation of neck lines. Therefore, sleep as much as possible to choose a side-lying sleeping position, which can not only prevent neck lines but also prevent cervical spondylosis.

6. Use skin care products

The face is the most important part of our skin care. However, please give the skin on our neck a little care by the way when doing skin care work for our face, okay?Because the skin on the neck also needs us to take care of skin care, otherwise the lack of nutrition in the skin there will breed obvious neck lines.

7.Active weight loss

Many obese girls also seem to have more meat on their necks,so they lose weight in the wrong way, and suddenly they lose weight. The elasticity of the skin on their necks will also decrease, making neck lines appear on their necks. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that everyone step by step when losing weight, so that they can effectively prevent the generation of neck lines.

How is the neck pattern produced? How do women remove the neck pattern? How to treat the neck pattern well?

How to treat neck lines

1.Skin lift and wrinkle removal surgery

The wrinkle removal method of skin lift is a more traditional and mature method.By performing surgery to tighten the loose skin of the frontotemporal part or face and neck, facial wrinkles can be lightened or even disappeared.

2.Injection wrinkle removal

The method of injecting wrinkle removal is to inject soft tissue fillers or autologous fat to make the wrinkle area lighter or disappear.This method is easy to operate and fast to recover,and it is aimed at removing wrinkles from deeper wrinkles.However, pay attention to mastering the injection site and injection amount to prevent the displacement of the filler from changing the wrinkle removal effect.

3.Biological wrinkle removal

Biological wrinkle removal is the use of some biological agents allowed by the state to solve wrinkles on the face.Type A botulinum toxin can block the conduction of“acetylcholine”secreted slightly at the nerve end to the muscles,so that the muscles are anesthetized and relaxed,and wrinkles caused by expression movements are eliminated.This method does not operate, does not affect normal life and work, and is more suitable for those with lighter wrinkles and less sagging skin.