Serums are expensive and wasteful if used incorrectly

In general, the serum is used for a specific problem of the skin.Its powerful effect and fast absorption are the best in skin care products,so the price will be more expensive than other skin care products,but it is also an essential artifact for girls to improve their skin.But the essence can not be used indiscriminately,you need to master the correct method of use.

How to use the serum correctly The correct steps to use the serum When to use the serum

How to use the serum correctly

First of all, choose the right one for your skin.Serums are usually classified according to different skin care effects.Moisturizing essence can quickly replenish moisture,and form a water-locked layer in the skin,so that the symptoms of skin dehydration can be quickly alleviated, suitable for winter use, as well as daily use by girls with dry skin.Whitening freckle essence is generally rich in vitamins,the main function is to inhibit the formation of melanin, dilute the spots that have been formed, the skin is not fair enough, and it is suitable for women with small spots.The anti-wrinkle repair serum can supplement the nutrients lost by the skin,enhance the resistance of the skin, accelerate cell repair and rebirth, adhere to the use can make the skin return to elasticity, firmness, suitable for older female friends to use.

The correct steps to use the serum

1.After applying lotion,take a sufficient amount of serum in the palm of your hand, rub it evenly in your hands,and tap on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin respectively.

2. Gently cover the face with the second joint of all the fingers and abdomen,gently and slowly from the inside out, apply the serum to the whole face skin.

3.Prone to spots,dull cheeks, and then use the front end of the finger to draw a spiral shape technique, massage from the inside out.

4.There is a dull feeling but easy to ignore the crease marks at the end of the eyes, use the index finger and middle finger to point to the abdomen, gently spread open, use the middle finger of the other hand to gently massage the abdomen.

5. Two palms wrap the cheeks,chin and other facial skin,and help the ingredients be absorbed through hand warmth.

When to use the serum

1. Use it sooner or later

At present, most serums on the market mainly moisturize, repair and other functions.For serums with such functions that are more suitable for the daily needs of the skin, they are used in moderation in the morning and evening, which helps to take advantage of the strong penetration of the serum and better achieve the skin care effect of the serum.

How to use the serum correctly The correct steps to use the serum When to use the serum

2. Use in the morning

Some serums contain special " ultraviolet absorbers“and other ingredients with sunscreen effects, suitable for use in the morning, in order to provide a daytime protective barrier for delicate skin in a timely manner, and keep the skin white and translucent for a long time.

3.Night use

Night is the time when the skin repairs itself.If you want to boost the skin to achieve a better state,you should grasp this important time for skin care.In the evening, make good use of night skin care essences, such as MartiDerm's night skin rejuvenation small blue bottle, gently exfoliate, improve blackheads, shrink pores, eliminate acne and close the mouth, and further supplement collagen and improve skin water storage capacity, lighten fine lines, is a more comprehensive choice for night skin care.