Precautions for semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing

1.Do not eat eggs,fish,mango,seafood,beef,lamb, do not drink.

2. Sauna, swimming or sunbathing are prohibited.

3. Use BB cream and sunscreen within 20 days to avoid eyebrows. Usually when washing your face, use facial cleanser and cleansing soap to avoid the eyebrow area. These items will have a fading effect,which will affect the color in the later stage.

4. After each application of the repair cream, gently wipe the eyebrows with a cotton pad to ensure cleanliness.

5. The normal recovery period for semi-permanent makeup is 5 to 7 days. After tying the knot, you can't pull it out. It should fall off naturally. In general,within 7 days, a handsome face can completely disappear.