Out of travel so that sun protection is the most correct

How to protect yourself from the sun when you go out

1. waterproof sunscreen to remove makeup

Non-waterproof sunscreen can be washed off with warm water, and for waterproof sunscreen, because of its long-lasting formula, waterproof formula, cleanser to wash as "overcoat bath", so, first use makeup remover oil "to oil dissolve oil", in order to the most effective, the most gentle The most effective and gentle way to remove it is to use an oil remover first. If you don't remove your makeup thoroughly, it's easy to clog your pores and cause acne.


2. Sunscreen should be sufficient

We say that the sunscreen must be applied enough, if the sunscreen is applied just a little bit, in fact, with no much difference.

According to research, even if the SPF50 high times sunscreen, if the amount applied is less than half of the norm, it is only about SPF4 protection, and the natural protection of human skin is also in the SPF4 or so.

The amount of cream texture is about the size of 2 peanuts, and the amount of water cream texture is about the equivalent of 2 dimes, first apply one of them, and then apply another one at 10-15 minutes intervals, so that it is easier to apply the average, pay attention not to miss the ears, neck parts.

3. Avoid exposure to the sun, before leaving home to apply sunscreen

This point should be well understood, the reason we tend to get darker in the summer is that the summer sun is too strong, we should avoid being exposed to the sun.

Especially in the summer, when you go out, you must apply sunscreen 20 minutes before going out (including before work), otherwise just apply it on the door, which is equal to the skin is exposed to direct ultraviolet radiation without protection. In addition to wear hats, umbrellas, sunglasses, long-sleeved clothing and pants as much as possible, even if you play sunscreen umbrellas also need to apply sunscreen, because UV rays will be reflected through the ground to the face.

4. Sunscreen key parts do not ignore

From the height of the five senses, as the above-mentioned locations belong to the high-light area, raised parts are more likely to attract ultraviolet rays, sunscreen is not enough to easily form spots. So you can moderately increase the sunscreen multiplier, so you can avoid the problem of uneven skin tone, outdoor seaside selection PA+++ is the most appropriate.

In addition, the corners of our mouth and the sides of the nose these places are also easy to be ignored by everyone. After wiping sunscreen on the whole face, you can gently press some sunscreen with your middle finger to prevent uneven application.

5. Sunscreen must be reapplied

No matter how strong the sunscreen is, it should be reapplied, even if it is a waterproof sunscreen, it will be wiped off by the towel you wipe yourself with when swimming. So, remember to repeat the sunscreen. If you are outdoors, the environment is hot and sweaty, it may take less than an hour to reapply once; if you are in a cool indoor environment without sun exposure, 5-6 hours to reapply once.

6. Apply sunscreen method to shoot

Apply sunscreen is shot, take an appropriate amount between the fingers or palm, gently halo after the need for sunscreen parts pat open, pat evenly can be. Sunscreen molecules are very large, do not rub, more massage hard to squeeze it into the pores, it is easy to "rub mud", will also block the pores, but reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen.

7. Should choose a low SPF index sunscreen, multiple applications

For sensitive skin, if not outdoor activities, it is best to choose a low index sunscreen, because it is not the higher the sun protection index, the better the sun protection effect. On the contrary, the higher the SPF index, the more chemicals it contains and the more damage it will do to your skin. So, for OL MMs, or people with more fragile skin, it is best to use a low multiples of sunscreen, to take multiple applications.

8. cloudy weather also need to apply sunscreen

Even if the weather is cloudy, you also need to sunscreen, because the UVA in the UV rays even if it is cloudy is also present. You can not feel it, but it is the most important cause of skin cancer, wrinkles and immune system decline (UVA can penetrate transparent glass without UV protection coating), clouds for UVA ultraviolet rays, hardly play any isolation, all UVA ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds, that is, 90% of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate clouds, but only the kind of thick cumulus clouds when it is dim to stop Part of the ultraviolet rays, so the choice of products should also look at the sunscreen containing PA value, the choice of index can be SPE15, PA + is sufficient.

9. more to the body to supplement vitamin C, antioxidant substances

Give the skin to rub on more containing vitamin C, and effective agent. It can cover the skin, against the identity of air pollution, and repair the sun's sunburn. Eat more foods that include antioxidants, such as: greens, blue plums, cantaloupe and all types of melons. All of these foods increase the collagen in your skin. In addition, salmon and egg white are able to moisturize your skin and repair skin damage.

10. After-sun repair begins with calming and hydrating

The first thing after sun whitening is not immediately whitening, but is hydration, do not think that summer sweat more hydration, in fact, sweat takes away the moisture inside the skin, especially after the sun, the skin's water loss, the skin will be very dry, this time the whitening work will not be effective. So first use a calming, hydrating product to replenish the skin with sufficient moisture, first repair and then whitening.

Sunscreen skin, and skin after-sun repair at the same time, in order to avoid skin damage. To repair the skin after the sun, the beauty can start with the following four methods to care.

1. After-sun skin cleaning

After the sun's skin, if there is no redness and stinging or red spots of sensitive conditions, the general skin will also be dry, therefore, for the skin to do a thorough cleaning is very critical, after the skin was sun, the beauty of the first can be used to moisten the serum, applied to the facial skin, about ten minutes later, and then rinse the skin with water, to give the skin a thorough nourishment and relaxation, equivalent to a lot of nutrients injected into the skin, the beauty of the skin should be thoroughly clean skin in time after the sun.

2. Ice to repair the skin after the sun

Ice for the skin after the sun has a very good repair role, the beauty of the towel can be wrapped directly around the ice, and then put it on the face, with the ice of the way the cold feeling quickly transferred to the skin after the sun burning, so that the skin surface temperature down, which can help the skin to play a calming and soothing effect, but also to shrink pores Oh!

3. Ice mask to repair the skin after the sun

The skin after the sun is generally in a relatively dehydrated and dry state, this time the skin needs to strengthen the hydration and moisturizing, and the mask to hydrate the skin is very obvious, first of all, the beauty of the mask should be put into the refrigerator chilled for a short while, and then taken out and put on the face, soothing and calming the skin, keep the skin hydrated and clear. For the repair of the skin after the sun, the best choice is to choose the moisturizing and whitening effect of the Vipec mask for ice use to repair the skin after the sun is very good.

4. Whitening lotion to repair after-sun skin

The sun-kissed skin needs to be saved in time, and the beauty can choose to use whitening lotion for the face, directly patting the whitening lotion gently on the skin, preferably putting the lotion into the refrigerator for a period of time, and then taking it out and patting it on the facial skin, which can not only whiten the skin, but also minimize the damage to the skin by the sun.