Nighttime Skin Care Tips

Keyword1.Sleep and growth hormones!

For 4 hours from 10pm to 2pm late at night, we call it "Cinderella Time".During this time, we will secrete a large number of growth hormones in our bodies. This growth hormone is also known as the“hormone that reverses time”. It can not only activate the body's metabolism, break down fat, but also help old skin cells regenerate and enhance our immunity.In other words, sleep during this time,that is the best skin care secret!

Keyword2.Urban night sleep organization pays attention to skin exfoliation!

From 10pm to 2pm late at night, the skin is at the peak of its own metabolic rejuvenation,so at this time, the skin will accelerate its own metabolism, rejuvenate new cells, and remove old waste keratin.Strike!As the girls age,this spontaneous exfoliation process slows down, which can lead to dull and rough skin.

Exfoliation is not just a dermabrasion or something,but a process of cell renewal.With age, this process will slow down by 30% to 50%.Without efficient cell renewal, the skin will appear dull, dry and rough,so the girls who sleep late should help the skin metabolize better.It is necessary to use products that promote metabolism and activate cell regeneration before going to bed!

Keyword3.Repeated bathing method accelerates the virtuous cycle of the body!

The weather is getting colder and colder, take a good bath, warm up, and beautify the skin.Bathe the body in hot water at about 42 degrees for one minute,3 minutes after washing the body,and 5 minutes after washing your hair to soak in the bathtub.This can not only consume calories,promote blood circulation,but also warm the internal organs.

Keyword4.Redness and itching of the body caused by dryness Beauty oil to repair!

Because of dryness, the skin has acne,redness and itching problems, mainly because of dry skin, so at this time, moisturizing the skin is the focus.After taking a bath,apply oil to the body in a moist state, which can not only moisturize the skin, but also relieve the discomfort of dry skin.

Keyword5.Blocked pores on the back Beauty oil to soften keratin!

In the summer, we often wear clothes with bare backs, because of UV rays and other problems, it is easy to cause blocked pores and acne on the back.After applying oil to the back, let it stand slightly and wait.The towel is fully soaked in hot water at a slightly higher temperature and spread on the back. After emulsifying the oil and wiping it, it can soften the back keratin and clear the pores.

Keyword6.Heel,elbow and other dry position care!

Before going to bed, after adding 1 drop of oil to the cream containing urea, apply it fully to the dry parts of the body.On this basis,if it is the heel, you can wear two layers of socks,and if it is the elbow, you can put on the elbow pads to enhance the moisturizing effect.The next morning, after wearing gloves, gently rub with the palm of your hand to exfoliate.

Keyword7.In the bathtub, your body turns white!

Surprisingly, the position of the shoulders and clavicles is also very easy to tan,but it is very troublesome to take care of.The recommended care method is to do a bath“splash hot water whitening method".Before the bath is about to end, fill the washbasin with hot water,mix it into the whitening lotion,splash it on the body,and just apply it with a hot towel.Can greatly enhance the transparency of the shoulders!