Natural skin care products that can be eaten and used

In daily life, many natural fruits and vegetables are processed slightly. They are natural skin care products that save time and effort, are cheap and good quality, and have better efficacy than chemical skin care products. They will add natural luster and beauty to your skin, and there are no side effects such as allergies. Through their careful production, they can act boldly with confidence.

Cucumber juice:

Wash fresh cucumbers one by one,mash the juice in a vessel and filter it.After washing your face, gently wipe the cucumber juice on your face,and you will soon feel cool and moisturized,which is effective in preventing dry skin.People with dry skin can wipe their face and neck with 10-15 ml of milk mixed with 30-60 ml and cucumber juice before washing their faces every morning.Wait for 15-20 minutes and then wash away with water. Insist on doing this for 1 month.It has the effect of whitening the skin and fading dark spots.

Egg juice:

For people with dry skin, you can use one fresh egg,half a tablespoon of honey,one tablespoon of olive juice,and 3-4 drops of lemon juice.Stir and mix well. Set aside.Wash your face and apply it with a hot towel when using it, so that your facial skin pores open, then wipe the adjusted beauty liquid on your face, and then lie in bed and rest for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off with water can be done every other day.You can also use the right amount of almond juice, honey and egg yolk mixed together and mix well,use it to wipe the face after each wash.

Strawberry juice:

Put the strawberries in a vessel and mash the juice.Wash your face first,then wipe the strawberry juice on your face,and leave for 5-10 minutes to wash off not only can make the skin white and tender,but also often used to treat freckles is also effective.

Watermelon juice:

Watermelon skin has the function of promoting human skin metabolism, which can make the skin white, tender and shiny.Gently massage the face with watermelon peel,and then wash it with water.The face will have a cool feeling,which can stretch wrinkles and make the skin tender,flexible and shiny.

Tomato juice:

People with thicker pores on the facial skin can apply one tablespoon of tomato juice and two tablespoons of orange juice evenly on the face,wash it with water in about 30 minutes,and stick to it for a few days to shrink the pores.Sunburn on the face affects beauty,you can use 4 tablespoons of tomato juice and 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce to mix well,apply it to the sunburn,and wash it off with water after 30 minutes.A few days,you can get rid of sunburn.

Carrot juice:

Use fresh carrots to chop and squeeze the juice,take 10-30 ml each morning and evening to wipe the face,and after drying, gently pat the face with a hand coated with plant juice, which has the effect of anti-wrinkle and freckles removal.If you can drink a glass of carrot juice every day, it is better.You can also use carrot juice to add milk and mix well,apply it on your face before going to bed,and wash it with water the next morning.Regular use can prevent wrinkles and increase skin elasticity.

Melon juice:

After mash the melon and mix it well with honey, it is often used to wipe the face.It not only protects and moisturizes the facial skin, but also makes the skin whiter, freckles fade and even fade.

Eggplant juice:

Cut fresh eggplant into slices,use it to wipe the freckles on the face, 3-4 times a day,even for a few days is also effective.