Natural moisturizer that will save your dry skin.

Natural moisturizer
I've always had dry skin. The kind that absolutely cannot escape without moisturizing every time I take a shower and during both my morning and evening routines. But as long as I had any kind of nourishing cream and didn't cut corners during my beauty routine, my skin was generally fine.

But when I got pregnant, my skin was even drier. I moisturized as usual (if not more) and drank at least 10 glasses of water daily, but my skin was still very dry. My elbows were flaky and itchy, but it was the dryness on my face that really bothered me. Instead of blending in well with my skin, my makeup would clump and harden on my dry skin. I think it's fascinating.

I'm generally not the type of person who pays much attention to ingredients. Yes, I prefer natural products whenever possible, but I also can't discard good value. However, as soon as I got pregnant, this particular question bothered me even more. What can I use and what isn't safe enough to use, especially when it comes to products that literally seep into my skin?

In my search for a natural yet ultra-moisturizing moisturizer, I found a face cream that I couldn't believe I'd ever done without. Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream. The texture of the cream is resilient and soft, and the vitamin E, rosewater, and rose flower oils make it super hydrating and nourishing. Made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates, the formula sinks in quickly, so makeup can be applied in just a minute or two. And the slow-release technology means your skin stays condensed all day long. And the smell? Well, let's just say it's heavenly. It's like a mini aromatherapy session for my face.

Forty dollars may sound like a lot for a jar of face cream that weighs less than two ounces, but it saved my skin and in turn made me feel better about my appearance. Plus, despite using it multiple times daily, I have only used a small portion of the jar in the past two months. I'm thinking it might even last me for the duration of this pregnancy - and it's feeling like a very long time so far.