Master these 5 points of skin beauty knowledge

First, how is the pigmentation formed?

There are roughly the following reasons for the formation of melanin:

1. Melanin formation is stimulated by ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet light has a dual role,sterilization and destructive to the skin.The destructive performance is that after ultraviolet light hits the skin, a brown pigment called melamine is produced.Melamine is a substance produced by the body to prevent further damage to the skin. This is his great role and task. Under normal circumstances, melamine produced will naturally fall off, but due to poor metabolism in the body, it will leave part of it on the surface of the skin and transform into pigmentation melanin.Ultraviolet light will also cause excessive oxidation after contact with the skin, resulting in a kind of peroxide, which will cause damage to the dermis layer and cause pigmentation and dullness.

2. The formation of melanin is ultimately determined by your own physical condition

Irregular life:Life stress, partial eating, lack of sleep and other bad habits can also increase melanin. Lutein produced during menstruation and pregnancy process make the endocrine particularly prone to disorders. It is the peak of melanin production. It is especially important to maintain normal habits, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy and happy mood.

Second, melanin and pigmentation summary

Knowledge point 1:The stratum corneum, granular layer, basal layer in the skin structure, the protective effect on UV damage

Stratum corneum: Filter ultraviolet light 10%

Particle layer: reflects ultraviolet light,secreting crystal-like keratin can reflect 50-60% of ultraviolet light

Base layer: absorbs ultraviolet light

Knowledge point 2:The difference between UVB UVA UVC in ultraviolet light and skin damage

UVA in ultraviolet light can cause the root cause of skin cell aging and relaxation;UVC in ultraviolet light is strong in lethality and weak in penetration, which can lead to skin cancer;UVB in ultraviolet light is weak in penetration,but it will further deteriorate the skin that has been sunburned and tanned, resulting in skin cancer,black skin disease,peeling, etc;

Third, whether spot removal is equivalent to whitening

Freckle is a kind of treatment for skin damage. The main appeal is to break down melanin and repair damaged skin. Whitening is to improve the skin's resistance under the premise of healthy skin, and it has an anti-inflammatory and skin protection effect on the harmful influencing factors of melanin formation.

Is freckle equivalent to whitening? - Conclusion:Freckle is to repair damaged skin;whitening is to make healthy skin healthier.

Fourth, will it rebound or not after spot removal?

After understanding the reasons for the formation of spots, it is not difficult for us to come out that ultraviolet light is the main factor of external damage, but our own physical condition is the fundamental factor, so we can draw the following conclusions on the issue of freckle rebound or not.If you want to eradicate it, you must pay attention to the combination of internal and external conditioning. Through a variety of health therapies, conditioning methods make your metabolism in a healthy state;try to prevent excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays and pay attention to maintaining healthy habits, and reduce the exposure to negative factors that cause metabolic disorders in the body, such as poor diet, staying up late, etc., which can eventually be eradicated.

Fifth, what are the three stages of whitening and blemish?How long is each stage

(1) During the decomposition adaptation period, the cells are prone to anti-black phenomenon, and there is the phenomenon of spot diffusion

(2) Treatment period

(3) Consolidation period.Each stage is about one month.