Mask skin rashes, improved with cosmetics?

413 false and hype online, such as skin care, eyelash nutrition, etc.

As the Food and Drug Safety Agency(Chief Kim Kang-lip)could improve skin problems such as rashes and acne due to wearing masks with cosmetics, it caught 413 Nuri houses(sites)that violated the "Cosmetics Act"by false and hype online, and implemented measures such as contact blocking and on-site inspection.

The cases that were caught using the fact that mask wearing was routine in the Corona 19 environment, the skin problems caused by the mask were promoted as if medical efficacy could be obtained by using cosmetics alone, and the main findings were ▲Skin disease anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory effect ▲Damage skin cell regeneration, skin regeneration ▲acne, redness improvement, etc.

In addition, as the demand for eyelash nutrition products that can be easily used in the home increased, we checked the advertising of related products, and the main results were 95 cases of eyelash growth, length increase, hair growth ▲hair loss prevention, hair growth promotion ▲Hair enhancement cells and skin regeneration.

The Food and Drug Administration has said that when purchasing cosmetics, it will be careful not to be dazzled by false and over-advertising that promotes them as if they have medical efficacy, and that it will continue to conduct online false and over-advertising checks on products that are closely related to consumer life.