Keratin of hands, don't remove it, just leave it.

The number of people looking for dermatology has increased because of the thin keratin on their hands. If you do not have enough moisturizing after using handwashing and hand disinfectant, it may appear that you do not wash properly if you see the keratin, so you can focus on washing your hands more and rip off the keratin that looks messy. The keratin feels as if it is temporarily smoothed and improved after being ripped off, but it can fall into a vicious cycle, such as creating a new keratin again while the skin regenerates, and causing itch as the skin thickens again when repeated.

The moisturizer is used to maintain the moisture of the skin, and to maintain the moisture, the impregnation component and the airtight component that prevents the moisture of the skin from evaporating. The airtight agent acts to prevent moisture loss by forming a moisture vapor airtight film on the skin surface, the most widely known of the airtight components is petrolatum, that is, vaseline. As a long-used ingredient, the possibility of contact dermatitis is very low and has the advantage of not forming comedones. If you have keratin on your hands and you continue to have keratin, it is also helpful to change the moisturizer with vaseline. However, there is a disadvantage that there is a reluctance to use it easily with a heavy feeling of steaming. Dimethicontin is a sealing component that compensates for these shortcomings of vaseline with silicone oil. It is not more than vaseline to reduce moisture loss, but it has the advantage of being light and able to be used steadily.

Increasing the water content of the skin stratum corneum is also helpful in keratin prevention. Combined with moisture to increase the moisture content of the stratum corneum is called an impregnant, and the representative is hyaluronic acid. When the implantation action is large and hyaluronic acid is injected directly into the skin, the implantation action is large and is expressed as the so-called "water light injection". These impregnants attract moisture from the skin dermis to the epidermis or absorb moisture from the outside when humidity is high. However, when using a moisturizer with only an impregnant, the moisture is rapidly reduced through the moisture evaporation process, rather than being used alone, because it gives a dry feeling, it is used in combination with milpezer. Glycerin, sorbitol, lactic acid, fruit acid known as AHA, eurea, etc.are ingredients used as impregnants. Some of the impregnating agents have no moisturizing effect depending on the concentration or induce keratinocyte fall off, such as other actions in addition to impregnation.

The moisturizer shows the difference in moisturizing ability depending on the formulation, emulsions, creams, lotions, oint, mist, etc. If keratin thickens and is severe, it is better to use creams or oints rather than emulsions or lotions. In recent years, a lot of oint formulations have been introduced in moisturizers, unlike lotions and cream formulations, the single-phase structure does not contain water, oil, stickiness and bundling, there is a disadvantage that the use is not good. However, there is no water, so the probability of bacteria proliferation is very low, so no preservatives are needed. Preservatives are common causes of contact dermatitis, so using OINT formulations is helpful if the skin is sensitive. If keratin is severe, mist or spray formulations are not recommended. Products containing only moisture can cause more evaporation of moisture in dry conditions, making the skin rather dry. Spraying a suitable moisturizing lotion formulation may help, but it is not recommended if the product ingredients are difficult to select, so it is not recommended if the keratin is severe.

Frequent hand washing can cause white keratin to develop on your fingertips or palms. It is not caused by not washing properly, but more often because proper moisturizing is not done. When choosing soap or cleaning agents, it is helpful to choose a product that contains moisturizing ingredients, and after washing hands, it is also helpful to apply a moisturizer that has sufficient moisture and sealing performance. If you have symptoms and keratin persists, it is recommended that you seek medical attention from a dermatologist.