If you want to prevent skin cancer, apply a "UV blocker" as a must.

According to News-medical, in a paper published in the journal of the Canadian Medical Association, the researchers emphasized that it is necessary to apply UV blockers to reduce the risk of skin cancer for all people over six months.

In Canada, skin cancer is quite rampant, with about 80,000 patients annually. Dr. Megan Sander, a professor of dermatology and clinical lecturer at Cumming Medical School, University of Calgary, Canada, said in a paper that in fact, UV blocker is effective in reducing the risk of developing melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer.

Studies in the paper have shown that UV blockers are associated with reducing the risk of developing squamous cells and melanoma skin cancer in numerous randomized controlled experiments. However, there is a difference in whether this applies to white people and to other races.

However, ultraviolet blocker should not be used for babies under 6 months of age due to the possibility of absorbing the ingredients. In other words, ultraviolet light should be used to prevent cancer and premature skin aging after six months, experts emphasize.

In addition, UV blockers in the form of creams or lotions rather than sprays are recommended, and chemical components can sometimes cause skin reactions such as contact dermatitis.

Finally, the paper mentioned that the use of ultraviolet blocker can affect the environment to some extent, and in conclusion explained that it is important to apply ultraviolet blocker to protect the skin from skin cancer and premature aging.