How women take care of their skin at night

Skin care is very important. There are many tips for skin care. Today Xiaobian will tell you about what women should do to maintain their skin at night.Let's take a look.

How do women maintain their skin at night How to maintain their skin at night How do women maintain their skin before going to bed.

How do women care for their skin at night


Many MM know to do a good job of facial cleaning before going to bed,but the effect of facial cleaning can not be done only by their own efforts. The choice of cleaning products is very important. If the face is not thoroughly cleaned, there are dirt residues to fall asleep, which can lead to clogged pores, causing itching and acne.It also causes pigmentation to form spots,which will accelerate our skin aging.Only after doing a thorough cleaning work can the skin absorb subsequent skin care products.

2. Facial hydration and water lock

Everyone knows the importance of hydrating the skin. This cannot be ignored 24 hours a day. The hydration work before we go to bed is even more important. Only by adding moisture to the skin can the skin be repaired well at night, and the skin is lost quickly after replenishing the moisture, so we still need to do a step to lock the water. This is a vital step. When the hydration and water locking work are done, young and pink skin can get closer and closer to us.

Spray some toner on our face and neck before going to bed,which has the effect of moisturizing the skin. If the skin is severely dry, you can spray it repeatedly. The toner is followed by a night cream. The night cream can be used together with the serum to lock in the moisture.

3.Lip moisturizing

You can remove the dead skin of the lips first. In addition to using scrub lip balm, we can use some methods in our daily lives, such as applying sugar to our lips and cleaning them after a period of time.Or when we brush our teeth, by the way, use a toothbrush to gently brush the lips a few times, which can also play the effect of removing dead skin.Then after applying lip balm, you can go to bed with peace of mind.

4.Eye care

The skin of the eyes is very thin,and it is also the most likely to reveal our age.Without proper maintenance, dark circles,bags under the eyes,and fine lines will appear immediately.It is indispensable to use eye cream and eye mask.

5. Neck care

Neck care is often easy to ignore, but the fine lines of the neck are also easy to sell out your age.It is also important to use neck care. For neck care, you can use moisturizing lotion for neck massage to promote the absorption of skin care products. Be sure to pay attention to the massage technique to be light, otherwise it will be self-defeating and deepen neck wrinkles.

6.Hair care

If you have long hair fluttering, you can apply hair care products that should not be cleaned at the root of your hair before going to bed,and then gently massage it. When you get up in the morning, you will find a supple and shiny hair.If you have curly hair, let it dry naturally after washing your hair,and then tie the hair roots with a ribbon. As long as you comb it casually the next morning, your hair will become fluffy and full.