How to Whiten Skin in Autumn

I believe that many people in life began to prepare for beauty in the autumn, indeed, after a whole summer of baptism, bronzed skin has taken root in our bodies, many people's skin has been tanned into dogs, and even sunburned.Now is the whitening season, girls should seize this good opportunity, let their skin white back.

Whiten Skin in Autumn

Autumn whitening methods

1. Sun protection that can't be ignored

The autumn sun is not as virulent as the summer, but we can not ignore the harm it brings.So when you go out in the autumn, you should also do a good job of sunscreen.You can simply spray sunscreen or wear a sunscreen cap can greatly reduce the damage to the skin.

2. Smoke before bedtime. Your face is white.

Before going to bed a lot of people are particularly lazy just want to brush the phone to play, in fact, a few minutes before going to bed can make your skin white back oh.First you prepare a pot of hot water,of course, the size of the bowl, and then use the gas emitted by the hot water to smoke the face or hands and other parts you want to whiten.This can not only moisturize but also cleanse the skin in the pores of the face.Stick to the hot face every day and you will find your skin supple and crystal clear.In addition, do not want to smoke face friends can also apply cucumbers before bedtime, I believe this is a small coup for many women.

3. Choose a mask that accelerates whitening

There are many people in life who like the mask, because it is the maintainer of the skin,it can add a series of nutrients to the skin.If you want to whiten, you may wish to use more masks.Home-made a simple whitening mask is particularly simple,common loofah mask, you just need to prepare loofah, the loofah juice and then add flour to make a paste can be used.

Autumn Whitening Food


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and has a very powerful function of whitening the skin.Autumn whitening skin, cuties can do so.Squeeze the fresh lemon into juice,put it in the refrigerator and chill it. In the process of washing your face every morning and evening, add a little lemon juice to the warm water of your face, you can play a good effect of whitening the skin.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has always been recognized as a natural skin care product, then do you know that aloe vera also has whitening function?Clean the aloe vera, squeeze out the juice, fully mix the aloe vera juice with flour, stir it into a mud, and then apply it to the facial skin, after 20 minutes, clean it with water, not only can whiten the skin,but also can help the skin remove wrinkles, enhance resistance, make the skin tougher.


Tomatoes, rich in the antioxidant lycopene, are a good sunscreen and whitening food,and eating more cooked tomatoes is better than eating raw.Want skin white, in autumn, insist on eating a tomato every morning, usually use tomatoes to wipe the face, especially for the darker skin of the skin, or the tomato juice soaked in the mask paper, can effectively remove the skin greasy, reduce the skin infection, make the skin fair and tender.