How to whiten quickly

Having a whitening and pink skin is believed to be the pursuit of the vast majority of MM.For Asians with yellow skin, whitening is very important.Whitening refers not only to the whitening of the face,but also to the whiteness of the whole body. If you want to make your whole body whiter, then try to look this way.

How to WHITENWHAT is the way to WHITENWHAT is the way to whiten well

Methods of Whitening

Drink more water

In fact, the easiest and most convenient way to whiten is to drink more water. Many people may think that drinking water has no great effect on whitening.However, to whiten, we must pay attention to the replenishment of water. Moderate replenishment of cells can take away the old waste in the body.Usually ultraviolet radiation will make the melamine melanin at the bottom of the skin hyperplasia,which can be removed faster by adding water to promote metabolism in an appropriate amount.This method is better than skin care products to replenish water from the epidermis.

Whole body whitening lotion is essential

Simple body milk can only play a moisturizing effect.In order to achieve the effect of whitening and whitening, you must also choose a whitening lotion with whitening effect. This is also the first step and a vital step in the whole body whitening method.And especially in the night care stage to strengthen the use of whitening lotion, the regeneration rate of cells at night is twice as fast as during the day, which is the best period to whiten and repair the skin and enhance the whitening effect.

Milk Bath

Pour about 1000ml of fresh milk into hot water and stir until translucent.When taking a milk bath, it will feel better to add a few drops of rose essential oil.If you use milk powder,you should first brew the milk powder according to the proportion when drinking and then pour it into the bathtub to avoid the phenomenon of milk powder agglomeration.In addition,the bathtub should be washed in time after the milk bath.The recommended soaking time is 15-20 minutes.The milk fat, vitamins and minerals in milk have a natural moisturizing effect, which can not only prevent and repair dry skin, but also make the skin smoother, delicate and fairer.The enzymes contained in it can also play an anti-inflammatory,anti-swelling and soothing role.

Skin exfoliation

The accumulation of old keratin will cause our skin to be rough and dull. Not only will there be keratin accumulation on the face skin, but there will also be keratin accumulation on the body.So be sure to exfoliate regularly,at least once a week.You can choose a bath essence or exfoliating product with an exfoliating effect.Use it all over the body.After washing, it will have a smooth and tender effect.Then use the bathroom steam to open the pores,so that it is easy to discharge dirt and body waste.

Apply a mask to hydrate

Skin after being exposed to the sun will be in a state of dehydration. It is very important to strengthen hydration at this time. You can use a moisturizing mask to apply your face, which can reduce the temperature of the skin surface, calm and soothe the skin, keep the skin hydrated, restore the elasticity of the skin after the sun, and make the skin fair and smooth.

Aging keratin should be cleaned regularly

Many people feel that their skin seems to have become two layers after tanning,and one layer of skin is dull and dull.What the hell is going on?

In fact, it is because the sun has caused the fusion of melanin and old keratin. In order to whiten quickly, these old keratin must first be removed.The skin is very fragile after the sun, even if it is gently exfoliated, it will make the skin“worse".You can relax and calm the skin first,and then consider exfoliating care after a week.