How to use pearl powder? Correct way to use pearl powder

Pearl powder is a very good beauty skin care product, but would you use pearl powder?What is the correct use of pearl powder?

How to use pearl powder

Method 1: Oral administration.

Oral administration is generally not recommended, oral pearl powder quality requirements are very high.But oral pearl powder can supplement the body's calcium, improve sleep, anti-aging and so on.But pearl powder is a cold thing, so the physique of cold people should not eat.Of course, people with a bad stomach is also not suitable for consumption, long-term consumption, may cause digestive tract problems and diarrhea and so on.

Method 2: External application.

Generally, there will be more people applying pearl powder, and the purpose of applying pearl powder is mostly to whiten.When applying pearl powder, in order to make the pearl powder can fit the skin, so that the skin is absorbed,you can pour some milk in the appropriate amount of pearl powder and add some honey to stir.

How to Make Pearl powder mask

1. Pearl powder banana mask

Peel and mash a banana, add 2 tablespoons of cream and 0.3 grams of pearl powder, mix with 2 teaspoons of strong tea, apply to the face,wash after 10 to 20 minutes.

2. Pearl powder fruit mask

The apples, cucumbers, pears, etc. rub the fruit mud on the wiping board, add flour,water and 0.3 grams of pearl powder, mix well, apply to the face, wait 10 to 20 minutes after washing.

3. Pearl powder milk powder mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of skimmed milk powder with a spoonful and a half of honey,then add an egg protein and 0.3 grams of pearl powder mix well,thickly apply to the face, stay for 10-15 minutes,wash it.

4. Pearl powder protein mask

Boil cucumbers in water and prepare them for washing your face in front of you.Add half a teaspoon of honey and 0.3 grams of pearl powder to the protein of an egg and mix well to make a surface dressing.After washing your face with boiled cucumber water, apply the mask on your face and neck.Wait 10 minutes and wash with cold water.Do not use soap.

5. Pearl Powder Aloe Vera Mask

Mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice with 2 tablespoons of flour,0.15 grams of pearl powder into a paste,apply to the face, slightly dry and then apply a second layer,leave on the face for about 30 minutes,wash.

Efficacy: tighten the skin, promote blood circulation, prevent sagging skin.

This mask has a good anti-inflammatory, anti-acne effect,and very refreshing.Choose good aloe vera juice, mixed with pearl powder can be used.Aloe vera juice is slightly acidic, but has no effect on pearl powder.Some people may be allergic to aloe vera juice, so before use, it is best to test first, if allergic to aloe vera juice, you can try to change the tea tree or lavender pure dew plus pearl powder bubble paper film.

Pearl powder true and false identification

1. Check the type:

Seawater pearls to be processed into pure pearl powder, you must first remove the core, the cost is very high, it is not easy to process, even if processed out of the purity will be greatly reduced, freshwater pearl powder purity is higher than seawater pearl powder.

2.Check the packaging:

Good pearl powder is stored in sealed bottles, which can reduce the contact area of pearl powder with the air and the human body, and is easy to save.Bagging is not conducive to the preservation of pearl powder, but also is not conducive to consumer access, low packaging costs are mostly the worst area of counterfeiting.

3. Check the weight:

High-quality pearl powder is in short supply, often out of stock, the average amount of each bottle is about 30g.The poor, fake pearl powder uses low-cost large parts of the way, when you see the number of grams in more than 100g(especially in bags), you should choose carefully.

4. Check the fineness:

The finer the pearl powder, the better, but the fineness of the pearl powder unit is "micron", rather than the so-called“mesh", "ten thousand mesh", there is no "nano" level of pearl powder, so the publicity can be seen.

5. Check the price:

Raw materials and processing costs determine the price of pearl powder can not be so cheap.The average price of high-quality pearl powder on the market is more than 6 yuan per gram,and the bagged pearl powder with a price of less than 1 yuan per gram is carefully selected.

6. Check the color:

Good pearl powder is the same color as the pearl, showing the native tender white pearl, silky and delicate powder, visible small groups, hand touch that is open, but no agglomeration phenomenon.The poor, fake pearl powder color is either pale (adulterated, etc.), or gray (containing heavy metals), yellow (high temperature damage), black (shell powder).

7. Skin test:

Good pearl powder is delicate and smooth when rubbed by hand, no grainy, and after rubbing there is a thin layer of fine powder floating on the belly of the finger,can be evenly applied to the skin.Poor, fake pearl powder powder rough, with hand rubbing grainy feeling obvious.

8. Smell:

After rubbing the pearl powder with your fingers, the high-quality pearl powder smells only a touch of the native fishy smell of the pearl, or almost no obvious taste.Poor quality pearl powder smells obvious odor(close to the smell of stinky feet).Part of the taste will be more obvious when mixed with water.

9. Taste:

Good pearl powder can be taken directly, the taste is silky and delicate, soluble in the mouth, no teeth.The poor, fake pearl powder tastes grainy,odorless, and even with a burnt and stinky smell.