How to treat oil on face?

Oil on the face is a problem that many friends with oily skin are very troubled by, so what is the oil on the face?What should I do better?

What's the oil on your face?

Oil on the face We all know that it is because of oily skin, skin secretion of oil is a normal physiological phenomenon of the human body, indicating that the metabolism is relatively strong.If the oil is more serious, one of the larger causes is the lack of water in the skin.

There are also some external environmental factors can also affect the oil situation, summer skin oil situation will be higher than winter, high temperature will stimulate the secretion of oil.There are also endocrine disorders,staying up late, smoking and alcohol,stress, drug effects,diet, all have an impact.

What should I do if I have oil on my face

1. Lack of water

The lack of water here is not made up by drinking water, it is only internal hydration, but also with external hydration,pay attention to moisturizing, choose moisturizing oil control effect is better skin care products for use.

2. Don't stay up late.

Many people like to stay up late because they are too busy at work, or busy playing with their phones,and if you can take time out to take a beauty sleep, it is worth more than wasting more time on skin care repair.After all, the body's system has a self-regulating system,which can make a lot of adjustments during sleep.

3. Deep Skin Cleansing

Daily skin cleaning must not be sloppy,you can use the face washing instrument this type of item for good cleaning.It is recommended to do exfoliation once or twice a month, which will also improve the serious condition of skin oil.

4. Adjust your diet

Spicy and irritating foods can cause sebum secretion, while greasy foods and excessive meat intake can also cause the same situation.Eat more vegetables, fruits, reduce the intake of oily and spicy food can be improved.