How to treat enlarged pores

I believe that many girls suffer from large pores for a long time. It not only affects the beauty of your face, but also leads to the makeup can not be fit to the skin. In fact, large pores, in dermatology is not a "disease".

But to put it another way, large pores make the skin look unsmooth, not to mention hydrated eggshell skin. So, more and more people are becoming concerned about their pores, which is certainly a good thing.

enlarged pores

1. Oil

Oil from the sebaceous glands needs to pass through the pores. If the sebaceous glands secrete a lot, some of the oil that cannot be discharged normally will accumulate in the hair follicles, and over time the outlet will be "forced to swell", resulting in large pores.

The actual pores and skin of the person are not only the same, but they are also the same.

2. Light

Here the light refers to ultraviolet light, ultraviolet light affects not only the epidermis, but also damage to the collagen fibers below the epidermis, the pores will become saggy and unable to maintain a youthful posture.

You can't go out shopping and build your happiness on top of the pain of your pores, an umbrella with a sunscreen can reduce the damage of UV rays to a certain extent.

3. Aging

To ask which of these difficulties is the most difficult to prevent, age should be able to rank at the top.

As you grow older, collagen gradually loses its vitality, and the muscle fibers around the pores lose their collagen support, also followed by the loss of tension, resulting in the phenomenon of large pores.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this kind of things.

How should I take care of it everyday?

For large pores, prevention is much easier than treatment, and good daily skin care can provide effective help.

1. Use the right cleaning products to remove the residue of dust, grease, makeup and other residues left on the face to avoid clogging the pores and keep the face clean.

2. Daily also need to do a good job of moisturizing, use suitable for their own can, oil skin can choose a more refreshing moisturizing products.

3. do a good job of hard sunscreen and soft sunscreen, both soft and hard effect is better.

Even if the pores are visible to the naked eye, there is a solution, and this will rely on some medical beauty black technology means.

1. Acid brushing

The use of fruit acid peeling has a certain alleviating effect on enlarged pores (this is mainly for follicle clogging type of enlarged pores), fruit acid can dissolve keratin and unclog pores, which can help for minor enlarged pores. However, acid brushing needs to be operated by professionals, so be sure to choose a regular hospital.

2. Photoelectric treatment

Facial pores are mainly related to hyperfunction of hair follicle sebaceous glands, decreased elasticity of tissue around hair follicles and hypertrophy of hair follicles, so we can target treatment, for example, through photorejuvenation, fractional radio frequency, micro-needles, etc. to destroy sebaceous gland secretion and improve the role of enlarged pores.

It is also possible to improve skin elasticity through intense pulsed light, non-ablative and ablative fractional lasers, and Q modulation to improve enlarged pores.

In short, proper skin care can prevent and prevent further development of enlarged pores, but fundamentally cannot provide significant improvement, or you need to choose to go to a regular hospital and take the appropriate treatment.