How to treat dry peeling skin in winter

Winter skin dry peeling is a lot of women's troubles, today Xiaobian to share a few solutions to solve winter skin dry peeling, let's take a look at it.

Causes of dry skin in winter

There's too much fat in the body.

Now many people like fried, spicy food, these foods in addition to eating very fragrant, but also very rich in fat, so your accelerated aging is not a new thing.Too much fat can make you fat and destroy your arteries, causing some cells in your body to function in disarray and even become cancerous.Therefore, if you do not want to let yourself get old in advance, it is best to eat healthy and refuse to process fried food.

Don't like drinking water.

The reason why the skin is dry is mostly due to lack of water, the lack of water in the body, the skin naturally does not have any water, replenish sufficient water is the key to skin care.Therefore, it is recommended that men who do not like to drink water, it is best to be able to convince themselves to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day, preferably plain water, carbonated drinks or caffeinated drinks.

Stay up late a lot.

Lack of sleep can lead to dysregulation of skin cells, and lack of sleep is easily manifested in the face, especially the skin around the eyes, so it is very important to ensure a sweet and adequate good sleep, sleep at least 8 hours a day, refuse to stay up late,do a good job of skin care.

Frequent constipation Irregular bowel movements

Constipation is going to make your skin look worse.Because the toxins in the body can not be discharged normally, it has been accumulated in the body, so that the body absorbs a lot, resulting in the body's resistance continues to decline, the skin naturally dries, if serious, will grow melasma, but also acne, the skin looks like the surface of Mars.

How to treat dry skin peeling in winter

1. Drink enough water

Although drinking water is something that everyone will do,but not everyone can drink the method, the skin needs to drink water,and drink enough water.Now a lot of people on the concept of drinking water is not thirsty if you do not drink water, and even set a record for several days without a sip to start, in fact, this is not good.Drinking plenty of water every day is the basis for hydrating your skin,at least ensure that you can drink 2000 ml of water a day, so as to help maintain a supple skin state.

2. Skin care time to grasp well

Although many people do this thing every day, but the method is not all the right.Especially in the evening skin care time, many people always think that skin care is better before bedtime, so even after taking a bath early, it is not good to wait until you go to bed to skin care, but this is not good,when you take a bath when the skin is dry, at this time the water evaporates quickly,so add moisture to your skin in a timely manner, apply serum or at least some hydrating water milk in a timely manner.

3. The diet should pay attention to good

In normal life, pay attention to eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains or add more vitamins and other nutrients,these foods are very good for your skin,and the nutrition of the body is also essential.But remember to eat less irritating food, taste-oriented food is not only easy to lead to fire,but also accelerate the loss of moisture in the skin,so eat less.

4. Skin care methods to use the right

Although now a variety of skin care products emerge in an endless stream, and the choice is also a lot,but still should choose some more moisturizing and suitable for their own skin products, do not pay too much attention to whitening or hydration and ignore their skin.And when cleaning the skin you can choose the method of alternating hot and cold water, which can also help you skin care.

5. Keep enough sleep time

Adequate sleep can not only help repair the function of our body, but also can converge our spirit, play a good role in the prevention of dry skin.But now most of the young people are late to sleep, go to bed early and get up early this thing does not exist at all, but there is no benefit to staying up late, keep going to bed early and get up early is the right choice.