How to treat dry and chapped lips

And the sunscreen for the face is not suitable for the mouth, how to do? Don't worry, businesses are always more sensitive than us, turn around and come out with a sunscreen lip balm, so in the end, lips with sunscreen or not?

Do lips need sunscreen or not?

Yes! Many people do not know that the skin of the lips has a characteristic, that is, there is no melanin cell protection, more easily damaged by ultraviolet light, so the lips actually need sun protection, because it will not only be tanned, resulting in lip color darkening; will also be sun old, resulting in fine lines around the mouth and lip lines increased ~.

What should I do if I have a lip infection?
Many people are troubled by lip infections in their lives. Lip infections sound like inflammation of the lips, but in fact, there are more than 15 types of lip infections, so today we will pick the two most common ones to talk to you (if your case does not belong to these two, you need to go to the hospital to consult your doctor)

Allergic contact lip infection

To put it plainly, the lips are in contact with allergens, resulting in an allergic reaction. The common allergens besides lipstick and lip balm, there may be toothpaste, metal braces and all other items that may come in contact with the lips, in this case it is recommended that sisters go to the hospital to carefully check the allergens, after finding the allergens, most people will soon be cured, do not worry too much ~

Exfoliative lip infection

This type is mostly because the patient usually has the habit of licking the lips or likes to tear the dead skin on the mouth. Because our saliva has salivary amylase that can dissolve proteins in the stratum corneum, long-term habitual lip licking can cause chronic damage to the skin barrier of the lips and cause inflammation.

And when there is a slight inflammation of the lips will show dryness and peeling, and at this time, if it happens that you are also a person who likes to tear the dead skin, but will aggravate the inflammation, forming a vicious circle. Therefore, the first step in treating this type of lip infection is to control your restless hands and flexible tongue~

Do lips need to be exfoliated regularly?

Yes! What should I do if I always have dead skin on my lips and can't tear it off with my hands? The right thing to do is to exfoliate regularly! The correct way to open is: use a hot towel for 5 minutes, then use a special lip exfoliator, massage with your fingers in gentle circles, and then gently wipe off the dead skin with a cotton swab ~ and lip exfoliation does not have to be too frequent, once a week is good ~ and the lip exfoliator.

After all this sounds like a lot of trouble, but in fact you don't have to think of lip care as complicated, usually just give it the same treatment as the face can, and summed up in just 3 points: proper moisturizing, insist on sun protection and avoid stimulation. So today yo will talk to you about how lip care should be done based on these 3 points~

Moisturize properly

You should know that our lips and other parts of the body skin is different, because the lips do not have sebaceous glands, can not secrete oil to protect themselves, so we should give it more care and pampering on moisturizing, the best bag always have lip balm, regularly do a lip mask, for the lips are a good choice ~.

When it comes to lip balm also note that many lip balms will add ingredients to help exfoliate, such as: salicylic acid, phenol and so on, these are not suitable for long-term use, if you want to choose one as your regular lip balm, before you get it must remember to look at its ingredients table ~