How to take care of oily skin in summer

Oily skin is very uncomfortable in the summer time when the whole face is oily, so how to take care of oily skin? What are the methods of oil control? Here's how to find out.

1: Use moisturizing toner

Although the shrinkage water containing alcohol can effectively inhibit oil secretion and effectively shrink pores, but the use of winter is not very reasonable. If you are a normal oil secretion crowd, just use the general moisturizing toner on the line, for oily skin people, it is best to stop using excessively greasy skin care products, because this will only make your face greasy degree increased a lot.

2: Night cream as day cream

There are different skin care products for each season, and for those with oily skin, it's even more important to differentiate. Because the dryness of the air is different in each season, you need to choose the right skin care products for the season. Now to break this dead rule, here is the way to use both. You don't need to throw away all the skin care products you use in winter and spring. For example, there are night creams that are usually more moisturizing than day creams, and you can use winter night creams as skin care products during the summer months.

3: Replenish skin moisture

Many people mistakenly think that oily skin does not need to use hydration products at all anymore, but in fact, it is all the same. Because oily skin if coated with a thin protective layer, it will make its face stained with a lot of bacteria, will have many skin problems. In winter it will also make the skin prone to dehydration, just choose a single hydrating product. Do not use cream skin care products, because such skin care products contain a lot of oil, not suitable for oily skin people.

In order to resist grease, people with oily skin must pay attention to wash their face often in the summer to remove facial grease in time. In summer, choose a non-foaming, mild face wash to wash the face better, wash the face of the water temperature is best in about 20 degrees, too hot will make sebum water loss, too cold and can not clean.

Summer oil control techniques

1. Cleanse your skin thoroughly

Face cleaning is very important in the oil control work, first of all, choose a good oil control, mild cleanser, summer recommended to use foam type cleanser, wash your face in the T-zone oil more places to stay, massage a better effect Oh!

2. Strong alkaline, not desirable

Although the skin should be thoroughly cleaned, but still in accordance with the individual skin type appropriate cleaning. If the oil is not particularly serious, do not choose a strong alkaline cleansing products, because it will over-clean, damage the skin surface sebum film, and eventually lead to the more wash the more oil.

3. Control the number of times you wash your face

Many people can't see their face full of oil so often wash their face, but washing the face only clears the surface of the face temporarily, if the follow-up care after washing the face is not done well, the water-oil imbalance, but will stimulate the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

4. Use alcohol-based toners

The need for oil control when the role of alcohol can not be underestimated, oil control shrinkage pores of the toner generally contains alcohol, because the alcohol in the skin surface volatilization can take away the skin heat, shrink pores can also inhibit skin secretion oil Oh.

5. Carry a hydrating spray with you

Do not think you work in an air-conditioned environment everything is fine, no wind and sun. But you office girls, you are not still feeling your skin dry? The air conditioner gives you a warm winter and cool summer office situation, but it will also make your face dry lines grow one after another. Carry with you a hydration spray, nothing more spray, purify the air, but also to their own skin "drink water".

6. Regular exfoliation

The skin that is oily tends to attract dirt and build up keratin, so it is important to exfoliate regularly to prevent clogged pores. The use of a mild exfoliating product, in addition to exfoliating, can also reduce acne due to high oil secretion.

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