How to take care of dry skin

Rough skin needs more careful care to slowly return to a hydrated and full state, especially after the skin has entered the light maturity stage, it needs more daily care to prevent premature aging and pathological skin. So, what is the right way to take care of your skin? How to keep your skin from getting rough?

dry skin

Correct skin care steps

cleanser - toner - original - essence - lotion - cream

Different types of skin care focus

1. Normal skin: Normal skin itself is more ideal smooth, maintenance attention to cleaning, toning, moisturizing and massage of the week care. Pay attention to the day hydration, regulation of water-oil balance care.

2. Dry skin: dry skin is not normal skin moisture, oil, dry, rough, lack of elasticity. Maintenance pay attention to more massage care, promote blood circulation, pay attention to the use of nourishing, whitening, active skin care products, such as original liquid, serum, etc.

3. Oily skin: high oil secretion, oily T-site, large pores, often blackheads, etc. Take care to keep your skin clean and fresh at all times, and eat less stimulating food. Pay attention to hydration and deep cleansing of the skin, and control the excessive secretion of oil.

4. Combination skin: Mostly oily in the T-zone of the face, but the rest of the face is dry, and sometimes acne occurs. The actual skin is a lot more than just the skin. When using skin care products, moisturize the drier areas first. Then wipe with the remaining amount on other parts. Pay attention to the appropriate time to replenish water, nutrients, adjust the balance of the skin.

5. Sensitive skin: the skin is more sensitive, sebaceous film is thin, the skin's own protective ability is weak, the skin is prone to redness, swelling, prickly, itchy, painful and peeling, dehydration phenomenon. When maintenance, pay attention to the first adaptability test, in the case of no reaction before use. Do not use poor quality cosmetics or use multiple cosmetics at the same time, and be careful not to change cosmetics too often. Can not use too much fragrance and too acidic and alkaline skin care products, but should choose cosmetics for sensitive skin, Fay honey flower period plant original solution is more suitable.

Emollient recipes

1. Mung bean and honey soup
Materials: 200 grams of mung beans, honey appropriate amount.
(1) Wash the green beans and soak them in cool water for half a day.
(2) pot on the fire, add the right amount of water, add the green beans, boil over high heat and then cook over low heat until the green beans are crispy.
(3) When the mung bean soup is slightly hot, stir in honey and stir well.
Efficacy: mung beans can increase bowel movement, reduce constipation, can effectively promote detoxification. Honey is known as nature's most perfect nutritional food, comprehensive and rich in nutrition, often eaten to make the skin white and smooth, make the face rosy and shiny.

2. Cucumber Porridge
Ingredients: take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of refined salt, 10 grams of ginger.
(1) wash the cucumber, remove the skin, cut into thin slices. Wash the rice, ginger washed and patted.
(2) pot with about 1000 ml of water, set on the fire, the next rice, ginger, the fire boil, and then slowly cooked with a civilian fire until the rice is rotten, and then cooked until the soup thickened, into the salt to taste.
Efficacy: the second time a day to take warm, can moisten the skin, remove spots, weight loss.