How to Protect Your Skin in Summer

The problem of sun protection is the main concern of many female friends. In the summer, many people may be tanned and even sunburned when they go out to play, so it is very important to do a good job in sun protection. So how to effectively protect your skin in later life? Let's take a look at it together.

sunscreen in summer

1. Go out with shading equipment

Summer out must bring a good shading equipment, which umbrellas and hats are more common shading effect is better equipment.If you go out in the summer without a parasol, it is likely to be sunburned,so in the future life must bring a parasol and hat, can block the strong sun for everyone.

2. Use sunscreen

When going out, it is also very critical to apply sunscreen,of course, when choosing sunscreen, be sure to choose a less irritating sunscreen, the only way to protect your skin.There are also some sunscreens on the market that may develop contact dermatitis after use,so you need to pay special attention.

3. Eat more vegetables

Some vegetables and fruits contain elements that can resist sun exposure.Among them, fruits and vegetables such as watermelons and tomatoes are rich in lycopene. This substance can help everyone protect themselves from sun exposure, and applying sunscreen when going out can effectively solve the damage caused by the sun.

4. Go out and wear long sleeves

Wearing long sleeves when going out is also an effective way to solve the problem of sun exposure. When going out, wearing long sleeves can effectively block ultraviolet rays, but the effect is good without umbrellas. In the absence of sun umbrellas, wearing long sleeves can be used as an emergency, and everyone can wear long sleeves in summer.

Summer sunscreen food

1. Naturally ripe tomatoes

Although there are many tomatoes sold on the market now,there are not many of these tomatoes that are really naturally mature.And really naturally ripe tomatoes have the effect of sunscreen Oh, this is mainly because mature tomatoes contain a lot of lycopene, these lycopene is a very good antioxidant element Oh, so, in the hot weather season, eating more naturally ripe tomatoes can be a good sunscreen.If you don't know how to choose naturally ripe tomatoes, choose those with smooth surfaces and small white dots, preferably those with green root color.

2. Apple skin

Because now the fruits will be hit with pesticides, so many families now eat apples will cut off the apple skin first.In fact, for many girls who love beauty, apple skin is a very effective natural sunscreen.This is mainly because apple peel contains a lot of vitamin C,in addition,it also contains quercetin, an antioxidant that can resist ultraviolet rays and UVB components.Quercetin ingredients can not only help skin whiten,lighten pigmentation, but also good sunscreen.So, if you want sun protection, then everyone should pay attention to eating apples,remember to clean the apple skin and eat it with the skin, rather than removing the apple skin!