What's wrong with enlarged pores? How to solve enlarged pores?

Large pores are a skin problem that bothers many people. Large pores seriously affect the appearance and bring some inconvenience to daily life.So how should we solve the problem of large pores?

enlarged pores

What are the causes of enlarged pores

If the stratum corneum accumulates more and more, it will cause the skin to get thicker and thicker, so that the skin becomes more and more rough, and the pores become thicker.Because the skin does not absorb moisture from the outside world and maintain the nutrients needed inside the body, over time, can lead to problems with large pores.

In addition, the size of the pores will make the skin look particularly dull,and even make the skin look old and dull.If you do not pay attention to dietary care in the early stages of pore problems, or like to eat some greasy food, it is likely to accelerate the secretion of oil, pores will become larger and larger.If the pores are very large during puberty is not the worst,if the problem of large pores in old age occurs, it proves that the skin has lost collagen,the body has become old.

What should I do if I have large pores on my face?

1. Do a good job of cleaning

The cause of large pores is mainly due to the strong secretion of oil, the oxidation of oil on the surface of the skin will lead to clogged pores, causing this phenomenon.So in order to improve the problem of large pores, one of the most critical measures is to do a good job of daily cleansing work.Each person's skin type is different, suitable cleansing products are different,so be sure to choose a cleansing product suitable for your skin.For example, high-quality skin is best to use oil-controlling cleanser, and at the same time to carry out two to three times a week deep care work, which can effectively help people clear pores, remove oil and dirt in pores, keep pores clean, which can achieve the effect of improving the phenomenon of enlarged pores.

2. Regularly remove facial keratin

Oily skin a lot of oil, long-term in the past will form too much cuticle, cuticle thickening will cause the skin to become rough, the formation of more serious problems of large pores.Therefore, in order to improve large pores, it is necessary to do a good job of regular exfoliation work.But exfoliation can not be too frequent, once or twice a week, otherwise it is easy to thin the skin layer, resulting in sensitive skin problems.Specific exfoliating measures require the use of more mild exfoliating products, which can achieve a good effect of shrinking pores.

3. Pay attention to the balance of water and oil

Large pores are mainly a skin problem that occurs on oily skin.This indicates that this skin state itself is unbalanced with water and oil, there will be a strong oil reaction.Therefore, do a good job of skin hydration work can maintain sufficient moisture in the cuticle, thereby promoting epidermal metabolism,in order to maintain water and oil balance, reduce oil secretion, so that can achieve better prevention and treatment of enlarged pores.Therefore, the daily care work must do a good job of hydration care.

4. With caution to shrink pores of the prescription

There are many home remedies for shrinking pores circulating on the internet.For example, wash your face with vinegar,use salt to remove blackheads or use blackhead stickers.In fact, if these methods are not used properly, it is easy to irritate the skin.Causes damage to the skin.So in order to shrink pores, we must adopt a more scientific and reasonable approach, to avoid improper use of the method of shrinking pores, but lead to side effects of the phenomenon.

5. Adjust your life habits

Poor daily eating habits, often eat spicy and irritating food, which is more likely to cause skin acne, acne and other problems, so it will induce enlarged pores.So we must improve the diet structure, to achieve a balanced and healthy diet;if there is insomnia, stay up late,it will accelerate the loss of water, resulting in poor skin condition, but also lead to enlarged pores.It also plays a key role in improving the quality of sleep to improve the problem of large pores.