How to rescue your skin after a late night?

Nowadays, people stay up late very often, so how to save the skin after staying up late? What should I pay attention to in skin care? Here's how to find out.

rescue your skin

1. Thoroughly clean the pores

No matter how late you go to bed, you must thoroughly clean your face before going to bed, so as to remove the garbage inside the pores, so that the pores absorb the nutrients inside the maintenance products, you must remove the makeup properly, otherwise the pores will get bigger and bigger, and will not exclude the heavy metal substances on the face as well as the garbage. When washing your face in the morning try to choose a non-irritating amino acid cleanser that will help repair and care for your skin.

2. Do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing

When you stay up late to speed up the loss of moisture in the skin, so you should do a good job of skin hydration and moisturizing, try to choose a strong moisturizing skin care products. At night the body's bacterial metabolic rate is more vigorous, will consume water and nutrients in the body, especially after 10 days at night must be supplemented with sufficient water, otherwise it will affect the metabolism of the skin, a large number of metabolic substances deposited on the skin, can not be discharged in a timely manner, will make the skin become dull and lusterless. Eat more water-rich fruits such as pears or watermelon when staying up late, and drink more plain water.

3. Apply antioxidant creams

Free radicals will bring great harm to the skin, not only will the skin produce spots, but also will breed a lot of wrinkles. Always stay up late, a lot of melanin deposition will produce free radicals, in order to help the skin to resist free radicals, the best way is to choose antioxidant cream or essence, and should also eat more vitamin c vitamin e, polyphenols and flavonoids food, such as grapes green tea cucumber or tomatoes, etc..

4. Relieve puffy eyes

The skin around the eyes is very weak, after staying up late, easy to appear bags or black in front of the eyes, you can reasonably use green tea bags, because the polyphenols contained in them can provide nutrition for the skin, promote local blood circulation, as long as you adhere to about 5 days to relieve eye skin problems.

How to maintain the skin of people who stay up late

People who stay up late should be highly moisturized

The best time for skin metabolism is from 11:00 to 3:00 at night, and girls who stay up late will have an imbalance in endocrine secretion and loss of skin moisture as their bodies continue to be in "working condition", which eventually leads to dry skin. After cleansing your face, you should immediately use high moisturizing skin care products, pour the right amount of high moisturizing type of skin care on a cotton pad, and then apply it clockwise from the center of your face outward.

People who stay up late at night should not eat food with too many calories

The people who stay up late at night are prone to be hungry, and many will make instant noodles to satisfy their hunger. The actual fact is that instant noodles are high calorie food, high calorie food is not only easy to gain weight, but also stimulate the secretion of skin oil, so that people's face acne, fire and other situations occur. In the middle of the night when hungry, you can prepare apples this type of fruit to fill the hunger, drink more cool white.

The people who stay up late eat more vitamin C, collagen content more food

People who stay up late for a long time will have an imbalance in the normal cycle of endocrine and neurological Sillon. The imbalance in the nervous system will lead to dry skin, poor elasticity and dull skin, while the endocrine imbalance will lead to acne, pimples, chloasma and dark spots. To avoid these types of skin problems, you must eat more foods containing vitamin C or collagen, such as apples and pork rinds, when you stay up late.

People who stay up late should not eat sweets

Sweet food can replenish the body's need for calories, but sweet food is also a big taboo in staying up late. This is because sweets have the ability to make people excited and consume vitamin B complex, which leads to obesity problems. People who stay up late should pay attention to a balanced diet, dark green leafy vegetables and bean plants, are rich in folates, help cell repair, prevent infection and anemia; liver, fish, cereals, soy foods, fruits and vegetables have vitamin B6 or niacin, can maintain healthy skin, slow aging; as for the memory, attention-related vitamin B12, in red meat, milk, cheese are eaten.

People who stay up late the next day need to take a nap

People who stay up late must take a nap the next day, because staying up late is a very distracting thing, you must take a nap at noon the next day, so you can ease the fatigue of the eyes and get enough sleep to restore the face, otherwise the afternoon will be very difficult.