How to remove crow's feet

remove crow's feet

1. Control the expression

The corners of the eyes of people who always like to laugh or have too much expression are most likely to have crow's feet, although smiling does make people feel friendly, but in order to stay young, but also pay attention to the strength of the smile Oh, usually do not let yourself make too many exaggerated expressions.

2. Eye makeup removal should be thorough

For eye care, choose eye makeup remover products. You must use a soft, non-stimulating makeup remover to avoid stimulating the skin around the eyes, and when removing makeup, the gesture must be gentle.

3. Massage the skin around the eyes

Every day in the use of eye cream to the eye area for a careful massage, in accordance with the clockwise direction pat, so that it slowly absorbed, the eye skin become firm, eye coated with products, it is best to use the ring finger to the eye area for a gentle pat, with the use of efficacious eye cream better results.

4. Choose the right efficacious eye cream

The skin of the eyes is fragile and thin, so it is important to pay more attention when choosing products to remove wrinkles. In order to effectively avoid stimulating the skin around the eyes, to prevent moisture loss, so that the skin in the products carefully care, become firm and elastic.

5. Work and rest should be regular

Poor rest at night, will make the eye rest is not enough, but will aggravate eye fatigue. Staying up all night is to be avoided, because of the darkness around the eyes caused by staying up all night, fine lines, dry lines but it takes a long time to recover.