How to remove big bags under eyes?

Bags under the eyes of the lower eyelid skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles and orbital diaphragm relaxation, posterior orbital fat hypertrophy, prominent formation of bag-like protrusions called bags under the eyes.Bags under the eyes are common in the elderly around the age of 40, both men and women can occur, it is one of the early manifestations of the human body begins to age.So what is the reason for large bags under the eyes?Of course, with the improvement of people's material and cultural living standards and the development of science, it is possible to delay the occurrence of bags under the eyes.

What is the reason for large bags under the eyes

  1. Innate physique.
  2. The elderly muscle relaxation, so that the muscle weakness, accumulation of fat, resulting in eyelid tissue relaxation phenomenon.
  3. Psychological problems, distress, sadness or burnout to a degree, the spleen and stomach function weakened, water and moisture transport is not smooth, can also form bags under the eyes.
  4. Acute nephritis patients, on behalf of spleen deficiency, spleen fever.
  5. If bags under the eyes appear on young people's faces, pay attention to whether they age prematurely.In addition to paying attention to maintenance, but also pay attention to relaxation and stress of life.

Methods for removing bags under the eyes

Smoke the bags under the eyes with the Ai burning method:

There are many acupuncture points in the eye area, and the place of the bags under the eyes is just the four white points and the crying points. Ai Sun can remove the moisture in the body.The water and moisture are removed, and the bags under the eyes will become smaller and even disappear.Eye Ai Sun can use a special Ai sun appliance, but pay attention to prevent burns.

Remove bags under the eyes with potato chips:

In summer, potatoes can be placed in the refrigerator freezer, and then removed, cut into two thin slices, applied to the place of bags under the eyes, after 10 minutes, take away, wash, bags under the eyes will suddenly disappear a lot.

Gently pat the bags under the eyes:

The reason for the formation of bags under the eyes, indicating poor blood circulation in the body, the daily ring finger can be used to gently pat the bags under the eyes, promote blood circulation in the eyes, so that bags under the eyes slowly disappear.You can also rub your hands hot,gently put the root of the palm on the place of the bags under the eyes, press, put.When performing the operation, the action should be light, so as not to form a pull on the skin,the formation of wrinkles.

Roll with hot eggs:

When eating boiled eggs, you can take the eggs are not cooled, put two eggs in the bags under the eyes, gently roll, until the eggs become cold;this use of the heat of the eggs to promote blood flow in the eyes,over time, the bags under the eyes will slowly disappear.