How to Relieve Red Bloodshot

Red bloodshot friends skin is more sensitive,so red bloodshot can be alleviated by daily skin care.In the hot summer, many friends will increase the number of times to wash their faces, and also like to wash their faces directly with cold water.So let's take a look at it together. How to care for the skin with red bloodshot on the face?

1. Proper exfoliation

Our skin generally has a stratum corneum, some are thinner and some are thicker.The thick cuticle of the face needs to be exfoliated regularly, otherwise it is easy to aggravate red bloodshot.If you find that your face can feel rough with your hands, it means that you need to exfoliate.But if you are sensitive to the skin itself, then exfoliation is not for you.

2. Regular massage

Red bloodshot is difficult to remove permanently and can only be alleviated by some daily methods.Usually you can massage the face with red bloodshot places, can promote local blood circulation,for dilution of red bloodshot is still very good.Be careful during the massage to avoid fingernails scratching to the face.

3. Proper cold compress

In summer, when the weather is hot and the temperature is high,the red bloodshot on the face will always become redder. How to dilute the red bloodshot in such a situation?The best way is to use a cold compress~Go home and use a cold towel to apply to the face,can make the blood circulation on the face more unobstructed Oh!Insist on doing this for a period of time, you can effectively fade the red bloodshot on the face.

4. Reasonable nutrition supplement

Red bloodshot in addition to external conditioning, it is best to adjust from the inside, supplement nutrition, eat more fresh fruit, promote skin immunity,avoid seafood and other allergic foods, but also the best way to go to red bloodshot daily.

5. Moisturize and hydrate

Many skin problems are caused by lack of water on the face, so the hydration and moisturizing work on the face must be done at any time.Red bloodshot on the face should pay more attention to the moisturizing of the face, so as to play a role in fading.The cause of red bloodshot is also related to dryness of the skin, but it is very important not to use skin care products containing alcohol!Not suitable for red bloodshot skin.

6. Increase skin immunity

The appearance of red bloodshot is also the reason for the decreased immunity of the skin.It is necessary to increase immunity for the skin, and skin care products containing vitamins C and E can usually be used more.Or after washing your face, use the liquid of vitamin E gel pills to rub on your face, wait until it is completely absorbed and then wash it off, apply twice a week.Doing so can increase skin immunity,which is very helpful for diluting red bloodshot and preventing red bloodshot.

Can you wash your face with white vinegar?

Recommendation: Those with red bloodshot belong to sensitive skin, it is best not to wash their faces with vinegar, which may cause red bloodshot to worsen.

No matter what the cause is, most of the red bloodshot skin is sensitive skin. The cuticle of the red bloodshot skin itself is thin,and the skin is dehydrated, especially in the dry winter climate.People with this skin will be more sensitive and fragile than others.

And resistance, poor tolerance, if you really use diluted white vinegar to wash your face, light dryness, redness can not be avoided, heavy skin will have serious redness,fever, peeling, tingling and so on.

Therefore, red bloodshot skin must not be a fluke, think that others can use you can also use, once the skin is destroyed to recover will be more difficult than before.

Advice for washing your face with vinegar

The correct use of vinegar, will have a certain effect,but it should be noted that because the white acid is relatively strong, the corrosion of vinegar is very strong,and to use the white vinegar brewed by plants, can not be used against the industrial white vinegar (vinegar essence).But do not use it directly,the best way is to use warm water to reduce the concentration of white vinegar, daily refining drops of 7-10 drops can be.

Wash your face with white vinegar We have all heard that white vinegar can whiten, sterilize, make the skin shiny and elastic.But can not directly use white vinegar to clean the face, because the acidity of white vinegar is relatively strong, will irritate the skin,causing great damage to the skin.It is best to use warm water to reduce the concentration of white vinegar and then use.