How to quickly remove dark circles under the eyes

How to quickly remove dark circles

For dark circles caused by different reasons, different methods need to be used to quickly remove them. If it is dark circles caused by lack of sleep, you can use ice to constrict blood vessels, which can be effectively and quickly removed; if it is dark circles caused by pigmentation, you need to be treated by laser to remove the accumulated pigment on the skin.

People with irregular work and rest are prone to form dark circles. Staying up late makes the eyelids unable to rest. Blood vessels continue to tense and shrink, blood flow increases for a long time, causing blood vessels to clog and edema in the subcutaneous tissue of the eyelids, and dark shadows remain. After sufficient sleep, dark circles will gradually fade and eliminate. You can also use a cold compress to quickly remove them.

If you want to quickly remove dark circles, you can use laser treatment.Laser treatment uses a new type of high-energy ultra-pulsed laser method to remove and dilute the pigment of the skin under your eyes. Laser treatment is non-surgical treatment. It takes a short time during treatment and recovers quickly after surgery. In addition, the laser has no damage to the surface of the skin and is not easy to relapse.

How to prevent dark circles

1. Maintain adequate sleep.Lack of sleep late at night can easily lead to eye fatigue,so that the blood flow rate of the blood vessels of the eye skin is too slow to form stagnation, causing blood vessel congestion and edema of the subcutaneous tissue under the eyes, resulting in the formation of eye pigmentation, the formation of dark circles.

2. Squeeze the vitamin E capsule, apply the liquid inside to the skin around the eyes,or apply eye skin care products containing vitamin E,you can achieve the effect of preventing dark circles.

3. Acupoint massage.Eye acupressure can promote blood circulation around the eyes,tighten the skin around the eyes,and prevent and lighten dark circles.When massaging, you need to use it together with eye cream.Pay attention to the massage intensity. Be gentle, because pulling vigorously will produce eye wrinkles.

4. Do a good job of sunscreen.Do a good job of sun protection of the skin around the eyes to prevent pigmentation from forming dark circles.

How to make up with dark circles

1. First use concealer products to cover.Make good use of concealer products,if dark circles are lighter, you can use a light concealer.If it is bluish-purple dark circles,you can use orange concealer.If it is brown dark circles,you can use a pink concealer.

2. Concealer and then cover with foundation.When applying foundation, do not use the way of application, but should use the way of pressing the foundation in the position of concealer.