How to Moisturize Skin in Autumn?

Autumn, a variety of dry, supple skin becomes dry, hydration is the first thing in autumn skin care, however, many people do not know how to hydrate, which makes the cuties very troubled, so how to moisturize the autumn skin?

How to Moisturize Skin in Autumn

1. Change hydrating skin care products

In summer, we all use more refreshing, thinner skin care products,and even some de-oiled products.And in the fall, these are not very applicable.The autumn wind blows dry,and the season brings allergies.It's time to change a set of hydration-enhancing products!You know, moisturizing, water-filled healthy skin is the basis of skin care, skin beauty, whether it is hypoallergenic, whitening, acne or to solve dry problems, hydration is the first step.

2. Steam face

Now face steamer is popular,many imported brands are scrambling to seize the market,and face steaming this beauty method is not foreign products.It is said that in the ancient Chinese court, concubines were good at using the steam of hot water for their beauty.Steaming the face does not necessarily require a steamer, just a small pot,some hot water, ten minutes a day.Since steam makes pores smooth, then skin maintenance, you will receive better results.It is important to remind you that after steaming your face, you must use skin care products in a timely manner to "lock" the moisture.

Autumn moisturizing food

1. Tremella

Tremella soup contains Tremella polysaccharide, they cook out often particularly sticky, can let the water stick to the mucous membrane for a long time,throat and digestive tract feel very moist.At the same time, because they can not be digested by the body, you can bring water all the way into the large intestine, so that the stool can also increase water, softer,avoid dryness.Therefore, the traditional practice of eating Tremella soup to replenish water is in line with scientific reason.

2. Honey

As the saying goes, "Chaozhao salt water, late honey soup", drink salt water in the morning,drink honey at night, can effectively supplement the body's moisture, prevent autumn dryness.The best way to eat honey is "raw", that is, direct consumption(with steamed buns dipped in food is also good), without the need to rinse with water, in order to preserve nutrients are not damaged.

3. Yam

Yam sweet and flat, can benefit kidney qi, spleen and stomach, stop diarrhea,phlegm salivation, moisten fur.Contains a lot of starch and protein, vitamin B,vitamin C, vitamin E, glucose, crude protein amino acids and so on.Dioscorea dioscorea is a pioneer in the synthesis of female hormones, so it can nourish yin and yang, enhance metabolism,nourish skin and hair.

4. Grapes

Grapes must be loved by everyone,not only delicious but also very high nutritional value.In ripe grape jam contains about 20% glucose and a variety of vitamins and minerals, it is easy to be absorbed by the body,help the body replenish water.In addition, grape seeds contain a lot of pro-blue and white pigment,it is an antioxidant superstar, excellent effect.