How to moisturize in winter?

Many people have to start to do moisturizing work in winter, because the winter weather is generally relatively dry,so the need for moisturizing.But how to moisturize in winter?

What is the common sense of moisturizing

1. Nourish the cuticle. Our human skin has three layers,and the outermost epidermis is divided into five layers,and moisturizing the most important nourish the outermost keratin, so that the skin when full of water to retain moisture, so as to lighten fine lines, so that the skin becomes white and tender.

2. The moisturizing effect of moisturizing products is limited. Although there are a lot of women for the reputation of excellent skin care products in droves, but do not know the moisturizing effect of moisturizing products is really limited,as said in the previous three, " how hydrating can the giant hydration, can make raisins into grapes?""A truth, in addition to external moisturizing products, should also supplement the body's essential moisture."

3. Skin moisturizing is the effect of moisturizing. Only when the skin is filled with water, the skin will make every moisture-filled cell like a tender baby, so that your skin presents a state of moisture, which is what we want to achieve moisturizing effect.

How to moisturize in winter

1. Anti-cold and sun protection

Low temperature, dry winter is the main factor of harm to the skin, cold sunscreen is indispensable, there are ultraviolet rays everywhere outdoors, should pay attention to protection, otherwise the skin is prone to rapid aging, go out, should use skin care products containing appropriate sunscreen factors, in order to achieve the function of cold, sunscreen, moisturizing.6, diet nourishment

Drink plenty of water,eat more fresh fruits and vegetables,and eat chicken, fish and meat in moderation to supplement the body's water and nutrition.

2. Adjust the ambient humidity

Dry winter weather, tight skin, prone to wrinkles, the need to adjust the humidity of the environment, you can place a basin on the heating or next to the stove,or raise more flowers, both beautify the room, but also play a moisturizing role,such as dry hands, can be washed with hot water at night, and then with ointment containing vitamin A, vitamin D massage.

3. Nourish and moisturize

Winter skin needs more moisturizing lotion, in order to prevent wrinkles or produce chapped, allergic, peeling and other phenomena,the use of nutritious nourishing moisturizing lotion can effectively maintain moisture in the skin.

4. Do the mask regularly

Winter skin dryness and lack of water, the need for regular maintenance, replenish moisture, nutrients, make it smooth, moist and elastic, mask is a good way, mask can be homemade, with two spoons of starch, add the right amount of honey, milk,plus a few vitamin A, vitamin E glue pills, mix well, wash your face and apply to the face,wash after 20 minutes.

5. Deep cleansing

Winter cleansing should not be excessive,in the makeup removal of all parts of the face should be deep cleaning,such as cheeks,forehead, chin, neck, etc., and then gently massage the fingers of both hands, and then gently wipe the remaining dirt on the epidermis with tissue paper.

6. Adequate sleep

In winter, the weather is cold, the skin is exposed to the outside during the day, you need the night time period to supply nutrients, in order to repair damaged cells, early sleep and early rise is the premise to ensure good skin.