How to moisturize dry and rough skin in winter?

As soon as winter people will encounter the problem of dry and rough skin,then this time moisturizing is particularly important,so how should winter moisturize?

Three moisturizing steps for dry skin

Many people do a half-day moisturizing work, the skin is not hydrated, in fact, the main reason is that moisturizing can not be its method, want to moisturize must master the following three steps:

Wash your face gently: Many people do not like the slightest greasy on the face, or habitually wash the skin to astringent, and others believe that it must be clean, the skin can breathe, these are not the right concept.Wash your face gently and moderately, is the most important of all moisturizing work, if you wash too much, in fact, the use of a microscope to observe the skin's water retention film is often washed out,in this case, no matter how good moisturizing is difficult to play the best effect.

Plenty of moisture: refers to lotion, moisturizer, moisturizing gel,moisturizing serum,moisturizing mask and so on these piles of water things.Of course, if you want to save money, the skin also has a lot of water when washing your face, so you don't have to apply some water again.The reason for moisture is mainly because the water retention of the skin decreases,the water content of the skin is not enough,so it is necessary to give moisture to increase the water content of the skin.But think carefully about the skin if the original water retention is not enough, give the water to enhance the water brightness,but can not retain water is bound to be less than an hour or two, the water will run out,so only use this method, only suitable for the skin's original water retention is good skin.So most people who want to regain their water tenderness still have to add a third step.

Enough moisture: For skin with poor water retention, it is necessary to lock the added water and not let it run away. Oil is necessary, otherwise the water evaporates to take away more moisture,and the skin dries out. Give enough moisture to lock the water. The second step is meaningful.So if you are a little oil can not stand oily or acne skin, do a good job of the first step, so that the skin water retention do not be hurt by a closer part, is the focus,if the skin water retention deteriorates, only the second point to help but not much.

How to deal with dry skin all over the body

Face-Care for the face

Dry skin on the face is not only drinking water to care for the face,skin care products can not be less.In addition to having a good moisturizing effect on the skin, it can balance the secretion of oil, as well as the effect of deep water lock.In addition to basic care, the face should be regularly exfoliated,do not forget to exfoliate after a hydrating mask,so that dry skin in autumn will not be a problem.

Lips-Chapped lips

You should use a hot towel to gently cover the lips, wait until the skin of the lips softens slowly use a cotton swab to remove the dead skin layer by layer,and finally apply moisturizing effect is not good lipstick.

Body-bathing is important

How to deal with dry skin of the body, especially the calf, after each bath must rub the body milk, so as to ensure that the body's skin is getting more and more tender.Take a hot bath often, which can speed up blood circulation, which can help the skin get better and better.

Feet-exfoliation can not be less

Warm the blistered feet every day, regularly use a foot rub to remove the dead skin of the heel, and then apply a layer of moisturizing cream, when you get up in the morning you will find that the feet are very tender.