How to make skin moisturized

1. The key to the strength and weakness of the skin barrier lies in the condition of the corneal layer. The cornea is in good condition and the skin barrier is strong, and vice versa. Therefore, rubbing the skin can lead to lipid loss between cells.

2. Moisturizing products are divided into emollients and moisturizers. Moisturizing cream prevents skin moisture from evaporating and makes the skin soft. Moisturizing cream contains moisturizing ingredients,can lock moisture,has a high moisturizing ability.

Third, the classification of emulsions (1)moisturizing emulsions,also known as emollients/emollients,have the best moisturizing effect;(2) Astringent water, also known as toner; (3)Lotion cleaning;(4) functional emulsions;

4, easy to dry skin needs ceramide,horse face sphinx, ceramide.