How to maintain the skin of those who love to drink

Drinking not only hurts the gastrointestinal tract,but also the damage to the skin should not be underestimated.Japan's national acupuncturist Ishikawa Miye posted on the”Vitality Gate "website, describing how drinking“destroys" the skin.


People who like to drink have poor skin.

1. In order to break down ethanol (the scientific name of alcohol), the body will consume a variety of nutrients in the body, in the long run will lead to the skin to draw less nutrients.

2. The next day after drinking, many people will feel thirsty in their throats.This is because ethanol has a diuretic effect,causing the body to expel a lot of water, and even lead to dehydration.This leaves the skin dry and prone to wrinkles.

3. When breaking down ethanol, blood sugar drops,which is why you want to eat sweets after drinking.If excessive intake of sugar, it will make excess sebum secretion, resulting in clogged pores, acne.

4. On the day of excessive drinking, it is always difficult for people to fall asleep and wake up several times a night.Drinking alcohol can affect the quality of sleep and make the skin metabolism deteriorate.

In order to prevent alcohol from harming the skin, in addition to drinking less alcohol, you can also change some ways:drink less sugary wine, such as beer, cocktails;drink more water when drinking, ethanol breaks down quickly;drink less fat, salt, such as original nuts, vegetables, tofu, etc.; do not drink two or three hours before bedtime.

Don't over-maintain your skin, these 4 over-maintain will make your skin worse and worse!

1. Excessive skin whitening

Everyone wants to have white skin, but nowadays many whitening products will have hormones or heavy metals and other substances exist,in the short term may see a whitening effect,but for a long time will bring some damage to the skin.In fact, the most important thing to whiten the skin is to do a good job of skin sunscreen work, because even if you use whitening products, if the sunscreen is not done well, the skin will not turn white.So at this point you must pay attention.

2. Excessive cleansing of the skin

Some people will usually clean the skin twice or more times a day, and often exfoliate, but this way of excessive cleaning of the skin can lead to a variety of skin problems.Because there will be a layer of sebum film on the surface of the skin,which is the body's own secretion of oil and water barrier, can play a bactericidal or inhibit vitamin growth, to achieve the effect of moisturizing the skin.If you go too far to clean the skin, then the sebum film will be destroyed,such as dry skin, sensitive, large pores and other problems will follow.

3. Excessive exposure to the skin

Now whether it is in winter or in summer, people like to expose the skin,in winter many people will act naked for beauty, but doing so will not only affect the health of the body, but also make skin problems, especially in summer, if excessive exposure to the skin, ultraviolet rays in the sun will accelerate skin aging,elastic fibers in the skin will degenerate, so that there will be wrinkles,pigmentation, skin atrophy and other conditions.

4. Excessive maintenance

Nowadays, many girls ' dressers will have a variety of skin care products, many times people will treat the skin as a test field, but this way of over-maintenance of the skin, for a long time will make the skin pores, dull skin, sensitive skin, wrinkles and other conditions, so skin care should also be carried out in moderation.

If you want to improve your skin, you can try the following strategies:

1. Eat less food with high blood sugar load, such as processed food and junk food.

2. Eat foods with low glycemic loads that do not cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly, such as vegetables, sweet potatoes,barley, beans and whole grain bread.

3. A variety of fruits and vegetables to eat, so that the skin can get a healthy shine.