How to keep hydration for Dry skin in winter

Winter weather is relatively dry,how the skin does not do a good job of moisturizing will also appear dry.So how to hydrate the skin?What are the ways to hydrate the skin?What foods do you eat in life to help replenish water?Let's take a look at it.

How to give long-lasting hydration to the skin

1. Apply more masks

Winter skin shortage weather, of course, to apply more mask oh, can not hold the”big winter is too cold, not suitable for applying mask " psychology, if you feel too cold, you can put the mask with packaging in warm water soak oh, so the problem is not solved?But it is not the principle of applying a mask multiple times a day,at least a mask every day is very should, make up for skin moisture, make the skin more tender!

2. Go out with a mask

Take care of your skin, when you go out, it is best to bring a mask, wear a mask to block the face of the skin, not only can prevent direct contact with ultraviolet rays, but also reduce environmental damage to the skin,to avoid all kinds of problems caused by the skin, so girls go out wearing a mask is not because of force, this is more conducive to the protection of our skin Oh, for cold and dry skin are helpful!

3. Do moisturizing work

Whenever someone finishes the mask, it is considered that the moisturizing ingredients are enough,it will directly omit the late hydration work,in fact, the late hydration work is the most important, the two complement each other to have obvious hydration effect Oh, especially in winter, dry skin girls, more should pay attention to this step of hydration, so as to make the skin hydrated and hydrated.

4. The use of hydration equipment

Hydration instrument, steaming face instrument, these hydration instruments, can be practical, keep using once a week, for example, steaming face for 15 minutes, the skin is basically not lacking moisture,but also to remove the dirt and garbage at the bottom of the skin, so that the skin remains supple and white.It is recommended to use a cold spray in summer and a hot spray in winter,which is the best protection for the skin and will not harm the cuticle of the skin.

5. With hydration spray

For girls whose skin is too dry, the bag must be equipped with a hydrating spray,in a dry environment, often to humidify the skin, effectively and quickly relieve dry skin tightness.This method is only used for dry skin girls, oily skin girls are not recommended to try, will increase the load on the skin oh.

6. Eat fruit

The body lacks vitamins, then it will lead to skin dehydration, the best way is to add enough vitamins to the skin,eat more vitamin fruits,such as apples, oranges,papaya these fruits for skin hydration, adhere to an apple a day, will soon be able to improve skin dehydration.

7. Supplement minerals

It is recommended to make a homemade mask, soak the mineral water with the mask paper, soak for five minutes,and then apply it on the face for 20 minutes, wait until you tear the mask paper, you will be super surprised, because the skin is super supple and elastic.

8. Do not apply a lot of moisturizing products before going to bed

We often say that everything should be done to a degree, so, when sleeping at night in winter, it is not that the thicker the moisturizing product is applied, the stronger the effect of skin moisturizing. In fact, this can only know the opposite, not only can not let the skin absorb well,but also easy to cause clogged pores of the skin, as long as the right amount of moisturizing products, you can let the skin lock moisture~

9. Apply cream before going to bed at night

Every day before going to bed at night, properly apply some moisturizing cream to the face, help the moisturizing effect of the skin, so that the skin is away from dry state, mainly the use of long-lasting moisturizing effect, with gentle products, is conducive to the skin at night can be more fully absorbed,maintain elastic and moist skin state.