How to improve oily skin

The most troublesome thing for oily skin is summer, only after washing the face not long after it became a“big oil field”, the skin always feels shiny, very uncomfortable.So how does oily skin improve?

oily skin

1. Choice of facial cleanser

Whether it is skin care,beauty, can not skip the facial cleanser this step of cleansing the face.For oily skin cuties, the first thing you should choose is a facial cleanser with salicylic acid,which can better remove acne, keratin problems.Moreover, more oily skin cuties love to choose foam type facial cleanser,as everyone knows, too strong foam facial cleanser although oil control and oil removal effect is better,but at the same time will take away too much moisture and sebum on the face.So the goddess recommends that even oily skin also try to choose a milder type of facial cleanser.

In addition to this, many oily skin cuties are keen to exfoliate.Most people think that the number of exfoliation, skin oil will secrete a little less, this practice is hurting their skin.Frequent use of exfoliating products will only damage the sebum film of the skin because of excessive cleaning,no harm.

2. Toner takes hydration as the main role

Many oily skin cuties choose toner to control oil acne for the purpose,but I do not know that oily skin is mainly due to water and oil imbalance caused by the face has been the result of oil.Therefore, in the face of a wide range of toner products on the market, the goddess recommends choosing a toner with hydrating effect but not too moisturizing, such as Elizabeth Arden water face refreshing moisturizing milk, oil-free formula, is a good choice.

3. Creams are based on lightweight emulsions

Moisturizing is important not only for dry skin,but also for oily skin.A good cream can resist the outdoor air dust, bacteria, ultraviolet rays and other stimuli,maintain the moisture content of the skin.The weather gradually turns cooler and drier,so oily skin should focus on creams containing active ingredients such as amino acids and hyaluronic acid. Even if the skin appears slightly small dander phenomenon, just use a face steamer for proper hydration, do not choose too moisturizing cream products lazily.

4. Oil control makeup primer

Oil skin cuties are the biggest taboo after the oil floating makeup, and then good-looking makeup will become unrecognizable.Therefore, in the process of makeup to choose a significant oil control effect of the makeup cream is very necessary, the goddess recommends the use of Armani pure makeup liquid foundation, after the oil will not appear floating makeup, and the makeup is durable, especially for autumn and winter use.Of course, the choice of base makeup is very important,but also pay attention to weather changes,for oily skin, summer base makeup is light and light, autumn and winter on the basis of light, can properly strengthen the hiding power,after all, autumn and winter gas is not as hot and humid as summer.

5. Make-up remover products

For oily skin, whether it is makeup remover, makeup remover milk, or makeup remover oil, must have been used, each has its advantages and disadvantages.Goddess preferred to recommend makeup remover.Makeup remover oil Makeup remover effect is strong,but also easy to cause acne problems;and makeup remover water for water-oil separation, water-like two kinds,the former makeup remover is stronger than the latter, suitable for eye and lip makeup remover,the latter suitable for local makeup remover.Compared to drinking makeup remover oil, makeup remover milk is a milder and less irritating product of all makeup remover products,and does not take away too much moisture from the face while removing makeup.

6. Pay attention to life and rest

Part of the reason for the production of oily skin is from irregular work and rest life, long-term stay up late, irregular diet, will seriously affect the body's internal oil secretion, hormone secretion imbalance.Therefore, to fundamentally solve the problem of oily skin, should ensure a good living and rest time, and light diet-based, do less stay up late,more exercise, should also pay attention to fruits and vegetables and other vitamin supplements.