How to hydrate the skin? Tips You need to Know

1. The amount of moisturizing products is not enough,and the effect is not achieved. The amount of application should be at least the size of two pearls. You can apply another pill on the neck and chest.

2. How to apply cream products

① Remove the 2 pearl-sized products on the back of the hand.

② Soak with your fingers and wipe 2~2 pieces each from the forehead, chin, cheeks and nose.

Apply to the three-finger pad and use the ring finger pad for subtle treatment. ③ Take a pearl-sized product in the palm of your hand and apply it evenly to the neck and chest. 重复 Repeat the above operation. Infiltration.

3. People with dry skin should use foundation with moisturizing ingredients.

4. Moisturizing cream will worsen acne.

5. Need to control oil,make-up/sebum lasts a long time during the day,wipe the skin with an oil-absorbing paper towel, and wash it morning and evening

6. Pore care. When the pores thicken and the skin loses elasticity, the pores become more obvious. Pressure

Remove sebum or use an exfoliating mask to thicken dead skin cells. Enzyme cleansing and retinol cosmetics can be used.

7. Dry lips! Before applying lipstick and lip gloss, apply lip balm or vaseline on your lips, or wrap them in cling film. Make an“i”sound when applying lipstick.