How to hydrate dry skin in autumn?

Autumn weather is relatively dry, this time skin care should pay special attention to moisturizing and hydration.So how to do a good job of skin hydration and moisturizing in autumn?In addition to skin care, which fruits can also help hydrate skin care?Let's take a look at it.

1. Do a good job of cleaning

Generally 20~25 years old oil secretion is very strong,the first thing to do is to master the number of times to wash your face, if too often it will destroy the sebum film, plus do not do a good job of moisturizing and hydration work, will accelerate the loss of cell nutrients and water.Dry skin washes the face twice a day, oily skin washes about three times a day,and choose a strong cleansing facial cleanser, which can remove excess oil in the skin.In addition, reduce the number of staying up late,maintain a regular schedule, 2 to 3 times a week moisturizing mask, which can maintain the skin's luster and hydration.

2. Do a good job of oil control and moisturizing work

Oily skin If oil control and oil removal as a focus, will ignore the moisturizing work, not only can not relieve skin problems, but let the skin more and more you.On the surface of the skin there is a layer of sebum film, which can lock in the nutrients and moisture needed by the cells at the bottom of the skin.Excessive cleaning can damage the sebum film, resulting in water and nutrient loss, thereby aggravating acne.You can choose skin care products containing hyaluronic acid ingredients to maintain the water and oil balance on the face.If you feel unwell, you can choose a serum with efficient moisturizing ingredients to help lock in moisture.

3. Do a good job of moisturizing around the eyes

The skin around the eyes is very weak,can not use alcohol and acidic ingredients of astringent, lotion or whitening products, can not choose a high concentration of serum.Try to choose a more refreshing texture of eye cream, so as to achieve a mild moisturizing effect,apply the right amount of eye cream on the abdomen of the fingers,and then massage in circles between the brow bone and near the eye socket.Do not apply too much product close to the eyelashes, because poor skin absorption in this area can cause excess nutrition, resulting in wheat edema.Make sure to remove makeup thoroughly every night before going to bed.

4. A reasonable choice of antioxidants

After the age of 30, the basal metabolic rate will slowly decline, coupled with the imbalance of oil film secretion, the skin is in the condition of lack of water and oil, then you should choose a moisturizing serum or lotion rich in oil, not only can accelerate the elimination of skin waste, but also eliminate fatigue.Also choose skin care products that contain antioxidants and promote skin cell regeneration.

Dry skin in autumn What fruit to eat to hydrate


Every autumn, pomegranates often appear in supermarkets with great fanfare.The fruit of the pomegranate is colorful, red as agate,white as crystal.With pomegranate juice, drink sweet and sour refreshing, and there is "royal hunger and thirst, quench thirst and stop drunkenness".In addition to having a good“moisturizing”effect on the body, pomegranate juice is also a more effective antioxidant juice than red wine, tomato juice, etc., and the effect is long-lasting.


Grape qi and blood, spleen and stomach, high nutritional value, in addition, grape seed ingredients have recently appeared frequently in the major top brands of skin care products,its antioxidant and maintenance effect can be seen.


Fruity sweet astringent, cold, into the lungs, spleen, stomach,large intestine meridian, heat and lungs, enjoy it, after the season will have to wait for the coming year.


Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C and vitamin E, not only can whiten the skin,but also improve the skin's antioxidant capacity, enhance the skin's anti-aging ability.


Pears are also known as fast fruit, jade milk, because tender and juicy is called”natural mineral water."It has the effect of clearing heat and detoxification, generating Jin and moistening dryness, clearing the heart and reducing fire.The lungs, bronchi and upper respiratory tract has a very good moisturizing effect, but also help digestion, promote appetite,and have a good antipyretic diuretic effect.Eating one or two pears a day can effectively relieve autumn dryness.

Sugar cane

Sugarcane belongs to the lungs,stomach meridian,sweet and cool green-skin sugarcane, is one of the best foods to clear lung heat.In addition to being rich in sugar and water, it also contains a lot of vitamins and other substances that are very beneficial to human metabolism. In the south, people are used to using it to cook all kinds of sugar water,sweet and floral juice to make autumn beautiful.


Apple is also known as Ping Po, apple is rich in nutrients,is a widely used natural beauty fruit.Apple contains a lot of moisture and a variety of moisturizing factors have a moisturizing effect on the skin, vitamin C can inhibit the pigmentation of melanin in the skin, regular eating apples can dilute facial freckles and melasma.In addition, the rich fruit acid contained in apples can make pores unobstructed, there is an effect of acne.


Grapefruit is a typical southern fruit, sweet and sour with a slight bitterness,rich juice, contains a lot of vitamin C.It contains natural pectin can reduce cholesterol content, and help the absorption of calcium, iron, and stomach stagnation, qi quench thirst.