How to get rid of sensitive redness on face

Facial red blood cells are a problem with too shallow distribution of skin capillaries, and this type of skin is usually the more sensitive type.

1. Alcoholic beverages and stimulants should be avoided

Pay attention to diet,avoid drinking, coffee and tea, because these stimulants can directly stimulate the facial microvascular system,making red blood cells more obvious.

2. Eat more foods containing vitamin C and vitamin P

It is also good to restore the diet. The face is red blood cells. Eat more foods containing vitamin C and vitamin P. For example, aromatic tea, fruit juice,fruit, nutritious fruit, you can still have beauty.

3. Wash your face with cold water to make your skin longer.

The fastest or easiest way to recover facial red blood cells from the temperature is to wash your face with cold water. Long-term use of this method can exercise your skin well and make it more durable. There may be some improvement in red blood cells in the skin and facial parts.

4. Silk skin products used to repair facial red blood cells

When using skin care products to repair mm's facial red blood cells, you can choose skin care products to repair facial red blood cells.

5.To prevent the sun in the summer to prevent cold and dry in winter

The face is a millimeter of red blood cells,the skin seems to be relatively more sensitive,and the care of the face should be paid great attention to. Avoid dry skin in winter. Leaving a place with a large temperature difference may cause red blood cells to deteriorate.In the summer, I feel at work.Facial red blood cells only need to do a good job of restoring attention every day.