How to get rid of acne?

The most worrying thing about oily skin is the breeding of acne and acne, it is simply the spring breeze blowing again and again, the breeding will make people lose the confidence and patience of treatment, which is mainly that you do not master the right skin care methods.

How to get rid of acne and pimples?

1. Good life care

Usually you can use steam to steam the face,which can clear the pores, inhibit the secretion of sebaceous glands.Bubble hot baths before going to bed every night can reduce physical stress, but also calm the skin,promote sleep quality.Eat kelp which is rich in minerals, can regulate the pH in the blood, prevent the skin from secreting too much fat.Bitter melon is also a good choice, which is rich in vitamin c and b vitamins, can relieve acne caused by strong liver fire.

Daily exercise can not only relax the spirit,but also adjust the metabolic function of cells, so that the endocrine is in a state of balance.Reasonable with the diet structure, away from high-calorie fried and spicy and irritating food, adhere to the green tea contains tannic acid can inhibit oil secretion.The general T-word area will appear acne, usually you can clean your hands,use the index finger to the abdomen in a circular way to massage the local, so that the dirt inside slowly come out.

2. Reasonable use of acne needles to remove acne

You must choose the regular manufacturers of acne needles, some cheap acne needles may be made of inferior metal, will bring great damage to the skin.Good quality acne needles have no taste and are smooth and shiny.Before each use should be placed in the alcohol inside disinfection,use a needle to slowly pick the epidermis, turn up the blackheads or pimples to pick up part of the fibrous tissue under the skin,wash the hands and then gently squeeze, acne opening slowly move.

After extrusion and then use toner to thoroughly clean,so that you can keep the skin fresh and delicate and silky,and finally apply the right amount of anti-inflammatory water or firming water.There is no mature acne can not be blindly squeezed, when it is found that the acne appears white or yellowish then use the acne needle.In addition, you must master the strength of the use of acne needles,if the strength is too large, it may lead to bleeding,if the strength is too small, the needle can not break the tip of the acne.

Warm Tips

Often use warm water to wash the face,the use of cold water can not remove adhesion,the use of hot water on the surface of the skin will promote sebum secretion.Can not blindly squeeze acne with your hands, otherwise it will lead to pigmentation and scars, affecting the beauty, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, to avoid overwork of the body, otherwise it will disturb the neuroendocrine, resulting in acne more and more serious.

The difference between acne and acne

Inflammation caused by sebum clogging pores due to bacterial infection is acne, which will gradually become large and red,to a certain extent there will be dirt squeezed out, causing acne for many reasons, low skin resistance, lack of cleaning, lack of sleep, mental stress and other reasons intertwined, do a good job of moisturizing skin care work is the key.Excessive keratosis of hair follicles or excessive secretion of sebaceous glands lead to clogged pores is acne, acne is a lighter skin damage, not inflammatory damage.

There are two kinds of classification of acne, often can be divided into whiteheads and blackheads, whiteheads are more common in the forehead, chin, etc., can be a small white protrusion, white with yellow, like sebum, a relatively large number, no opening;blackheads are more common in the T-word site, blocked in the pores of the oil plug, which will expand the pores,there are openings and a small black protrusion, mainly due to the obstruction in the pores of hardened keratin and sebum under the oxidation of air and dust.However, there are many types of acne, such as divided into red and swollen pimples, cyst-type pimples,clustered pimples, etc., sebaceous glands are more exuberant places such as the face,chest and back, etc. are more prone to acne, look red and swollen, and will be inflamed, obviously protruding on the surface of the skin, the inflammation is mainly caused by bacterial infection or other causes, can have a sense of pain, if a few acne piled together, it will affect the appearance.When acne is severe, it will become acne.

Tips for preventing acne and pimples

1. Light diet

Diet as light as possible, drink more water,eat more vegetables and fruits, less oil, less sweet, less irritating, avoid eating too much food containing pigments and artificial flavors, as well as caffeine-containing foods such as; strong tea, coffee, cocoa, chocolate, etc. are also easy to stimulate fat and endocrine imbalance, the formation of more serious pimples.In addition, do not drink alcohol, smoke, do not eat any supplement, because many Chinese medicines such as astragalus, Gui zhi, cinnamon, wolfberry or women commonly used to adjust the four things soup, four things pills are also easy to induce pimples.

2. Keep the skin clean

The skin does not pay attention to cleaning, but also an important factor in acne, so we must pay attention to keep the skin clean, before bedtime,morning commonly used warm water to wash your face, you can remove oil, you can properly use the oil-free facial cleanser.Usually when the face secrete too much oil, to use paper towels to wipe off.

3. The appropriate use of the mask

A lot of MM in the prevention of acne, you can also choose some, you can prevent acne mask, so that you can prevent acne at the same time can maintain the skin is also very good.If there is time and conditions, you can choose a homemade mask.

4. Make-up removal should be thorough

Women who make up every day, especially those who wear heavy makeup, should pay special attention to it.Do not turn your face into a test product, for cosmetics, if you are oily skin should avoid greasy properties, avoid clogging pores and produce acne and pimples;to avoid the use of foundation, cosmetics, some people want to cover up with foundation, which will cause the opposite effect; make up every day, with a strong ability to remove oil neutral facial cleanser, facial soap clean, at least twice a day, before going to bed to keep the skin breathing smoothly.