How to eliminate Dark Circles under the eyes

Dark circles are a physiological phenomenon, there are many reasons for dark circles. Today Xiaobian will tell you about the cause of dark circles and the method of eliminating dark circles. Let's take a look at it.

Dark Circles

Causes of heavy dark circles

1. The residue of cosmetics can lead to serious dark circles

The appearance of dark circles on the skin of some cuties ' eyes is caused by makeup.Long-term cosmetic residue, make-up removal is not clean, will make pigmentation deposited inside the fragile eyelids, and eventually lead to increased dark circles.Often make-up and make-up removal can not remove clean cuties, it is easy to form serious dark circles.Therefore, careful makeup removal is necessary to do, especially remove eye makeup, but also carefully and carefully.Use makeup remover cotton when removing makeup,the makeup remover oil poured on the makeup remover cotton, and then wipe the residual makeup of the eyes with makeup remover cotton, until there are no traces of makeup on the makeup remover cotton so far.In the makeup remover thoroughly clean at the same time, but also need to remove more dark circles of the eye mask and eye cream, dark circles will quickly solve the problem.

2. Long-term stay up late leads to serious dark circles

Often stay up late to sleep cuties, more prone to dark circles,lack of sleep, too tired, it will lead to the body's metabolism is affected, so that venous blood flow congestion, resulting in the formation of dark circles.Because of the problem of dark circles caused by staying up late for a long time, the best solution is to ensure adequate sleep, before going to bed can apply a moisturizing eye mask and moisturizing eye cream, accelerate the blood circulation of the eye skin,so as to dilute dark circles.

3. Electromagnetic radiation leads to serious dark circles

In addition to the above points, electromagnetic radiation has also become the main cause of the formation of dark circles.Today, with the increasing development of technology, computers have become a must-have for cuties to work every day. Then, facing the computer all day, the facial skin will show a dim yellow state,dark circles will be more serious,why electromagnetic radiation can cause serious dark circles to breed?This is because the free electrons of electromagnetic radiation can affect the normal division of cells,resulting in damage to the fragile eye skin.When working in front of the computer, be sure to keep a certain distance between the eye skin and the computer, and apply eye cream with isolation effect every day, and do eye exercises to the eye skin in this idle time, can soothe the eye skin and lighten dark circles.

4. Nasal congestion can lead to serious dark circles

Can a stuffy nose also cause severe dark circles?Yes, the formation of dark circles and whether the nose breathing is smooth also has a great relationship, because when we have a stuffy nose, can lead to blocked blood flow under the eyes, resulting in the formation of dark circles.If you have a severe nasal congestion, please cure the nasal congestion first,dark circles will slowly fade and disappear.

How to eliminate Dark Circles

1. Don't stay up late.

I don't have to say much about the harm of staying up late, acne, dark circles, bags under the eyes, endocrine disorders will follow.

2. Cold compresses promote blood circulation.

Wrap two or three ice cubes in clingfilm, fold the towel in half and cover the eyelids, then put the ice on top.Use frozen tea bags or cotton pads soaked in frozen milk, also has a calming effect on swelling.

3. Do more eye exercises.

Massage the acupoints around the eyes, increase its blood circulation, so that the blood cells around the eyes are active,to reduce dark circles are good.

4. Use eye cream in the morning and evening.

When applying eye cream with some gentle eye massage, soothe the invasion of dark circles.Can add water in a short period of time, eliminate fatigue, quickly eliminate puffiness and dark circles.