How to effectively remove blackheads

The formation of blackheads is due to the oil secreted by the skin hiding in the pores, and those that come into contact with the air are oxidized into black substances, which is what we call blackheads. The oils will also become the attachments of the gray layer in the air.

remove blackheads

1. Baby oil to remove blackheads

Method: After cleansing, massage the blackheads on the nose with baby oil for about 45 minutes (you can add baby oil in the middle). After massage, you need to cleanse again, and then apply astringent to shrink pores.

2. Baking Soda

First put a small spoonful of baking soda in a clean container, pour a little warm water to rinse it, and then put it in cold water, then soak the cotton pad in soda water, take it out, apply it to the nose, take it after 15 minutes Next, wait for the moisture to dry slightly, and gently rub your nose with your hands.

3. Toothpaste

Is not so troublesome. But not all toothpaste can be used, only the white toothpaste, crystal and blue dots are not good. The specific method is: apply the toothpaste evenly on the nose, so that the flesh color is not visible, wash off the toothpaste after 5 minutes, if the blackhead is serious, you can apply it for a while. In addition, when you put on the toothpaste, it will feel cold, as if something is digging into your skin. This is when the toothpaste starts to take effect to remove your blackheads. After washing off the toothpaste, you will find that your skin is smoother.

4. Honey

Buy a bottle of honey, pick a little bit and wash it in the facial cleanser every day, and insist on drinking honey water every morning and evening to effectively remove blackheads, and the skin becomes thin and smooth, and it feels like white and red.

5. Rice

Every time after steaming the rice, pinch a small ball on the face and gently, saying that it will bring the dirt away. It is said that the old lady she knows never does beauty care, but the skin is very good, so she uses this method! Use the rice ball to roll gently on the face, and then it should be to wash the face.

6. Eggs

Tear off the inner wall membrane of the egg shell every day, and stick the side with the egg white on the nose. When the egg white is dry, gently tear off the egg membrane. You will obviously see that some blackheads are coming out.