How to do dull skin and no tone

Makeup has become a fashion now, makeup not only allows a person to have a beautiful appearance, but also to enhance their temperament, but if makeup is not adequately removed after makeup, it is likely to harm the skin, in addition, if you use some cosmetics that are not suitable for you, it will also cause pore clogging, dull skin and other problems, therefore, it is very necessary to master some skin care tips.

How can you do with dull skin and no color? Send you 4 moves to improve!

1. Every night to fully clean skin

Many people like to apply a very thick foundation, a very thick eye makeup, this time if not completely remove makeup before going to bed, it is likely to lead to clogged pores, large pores and other problems, over time, but also skin pigmentation, resulting in dull skin, therefore, before going to bed must be fully remove makeup, do not let any cosmetic residue in the face.

2. Do a good moisturizing measures

Summer is here, many girls' skin is very dry, makeup makeup is also not flat, this is too dry skin caused by, therefore, it is recommended that you apply relevant moisturizing skin care products in time after cleansing, which can quickly improve the state of dry skin. In addition, you can also do more exercise, sweating can discharge the toxins in the body, which helps the maintenance of the skin.

3. Use cotton pads to apply lotion

It is also very necessary to use cotton pads to apply make-up water, firstly, cotton pads can allow the skin to fully absorb moisture, after the make-up, it can make the make-up more flatter, not floating powder, secondly, using cotton pads to apply make-up water can be the second cleaning of the skin, take away the residual dirt on the skin. It is recommended to use both hands to pat the skin after applying makeup, which helps the skin to absorb better.

4. Put the cream on your hands first and then rub it on your face

We all know that the cream is the thickest of all skin care products, if applied directly to the face, not only can not be absorbed by the skin, but will make the skin greasy, long-term, it is likely to break out acne, so you must first rub the cream in your hands and then apply to the face, so that the skin is more easily absorbed, but also to lock the skin moisture in time.

Warm Tips

People who often wear makeup, if always remove makeup is not clean, do not do a good job of skin care, it is easy to lead to skin dull yellow, these few little common sense we must pay attention to, do these, not only can harvest moist tender white skin, but also improve the skin dull yellow, so that the skin back to the best state. At the same time, before going to bed must be good to the skin hydration, in strict accordance with the order of water, milk, essence, cream to use skin care products, so that the skin can fully absorb water and nutrients.