How to do dry and peeling skin

Every winter, people's skin will become dry and peeling,and for many girls, daily skin care becomes very important.So how should I get rid of dry skin?How to avoid skin peeling?

Why does the skin dry and peel

First, the lack of moisture inside the body causes peeling

Under normal circumstances, peeling on the face is not a matter of such a serious nature,not even a disease.It is mainly caused by a lack of moisture inside the body. When the skin loses moisture, the following phenomena will occur: epidermal cells are rolled up like overly dry paper, and the edges are rolled up. Love peeling, so hydrate more.

How to judge the lack of water in winter

1. The skin becomes dull and dull, and dryness can even cause dry skin to appear on local cheeks.

2.When you feel dry skin, there will be itching,tight skin, etc., and small fine lines may appear in the corners of the eyes.

3.Lack of water on the skin will cause imbalance of water and oil. It is easy to acne on the face,and acne marks will be left if the treatment is not good.

Second, strong ultraviolet rays cause peeling

Strong ultraviolet rays can harm our skin, causing facial peeling.Although it is winter now,the sun is not very big this season,but there are still ultraviolet rays that will still hurt our skin.So pay attention to sunscreen!

Third, skin problems cause peeling

Dry skin or sensitive skin,in the dry winter, the original dry skin dries out, resulting in peeling.If it is due to allergies, lesions or contact with something that has not been touched before, causing this symptom,if it is recommended to go to the hospital for consultation.

Dry skin peeling care method

1.Skin cleaning

No matter what kind of skin problem you are facing,the first step should be to thoroughly clean the skin.Cleaning the skin can keep the skin clean,avoid more skin problems,but also promote skin metabolism,so that the skin becomes more absorbent.Therefore, in winter, it is best for everyone to choose the number of times to wash their faces according to the actual situation of the skin, not too much and not too little, to ensure that the skin is clean.

2.Choose the right moisturizing products

The winter weather is severely dry,the temperature drops,and the metabolism of the skin has not fully adapted to the changes in the climate, so that the secretion of the sweat glands of the skin is reduced, and it looks very dry.Therefore, it is necessary to choose skin care products with good moisturizing effect and strong moisturizing effect. Natural and non-irritating skin care products are the first choice in winter to prevent skin sensitivity and supplement rich moisture at the same time.

3.Sunscreen work can not be ignored

In winter, although the ultraviolet rays in the sun are not as strong as in summer, and medium-wave and long-wave ultraviolet rays are also weakened, ultraviolet rays will still cause skin aging and blackening, so in winter, you should also pay attention to sunscreen. You can choose sunscreen with a sun protection index that is not too high.

4.Prevent the invasion of wrinkles

Here mainly refers to false wrinkles.Because winter is relatively dry,and if we ignore skin care, then the skin will become dry,and then false wrinkles will appear.So how should this wrinkle be solved?Very simple,as long as we can maintain good habits and adhere to the maintenance of our own skin, then we will soon be able to remove these false wrinkles.

5.Reasonable eating habits

In order to cope with the dry weather in winter, usually drink plenty of water to replenish the loss of water in the body and skin.In addition, a reasonable diet can improve people's physique and help delay aging.Because human body fluids are weakly alkaline,more intake of alkaline foods such as vegetables,fruits and vegetables, soy products, etc., can make the skin delicate and smooth.

Which foods help skin hydration


Milk is the skin's favorite food at night.It can improve skin cell activity,delay skin aging,enhance skin tone,eliminate small wrinkles and other effects.


Contains a lot of carotene to help maintain the normal function of skin cells and tissues, reduce skin wrinkles, stimulate skin metabolism, and keep the skin moist and fine.


The lycopene contained helps flatten new wrinkles and makes the skin tender and smooth.An experiment found that eating tomatoes often is not easy to appear dark circles, and it is not easy to be sunburned.


Honey is known as“the most perfect nutritional food in nature”. It contains a large number of amino acids, vitamins and sugars that are easily absorbed by the human body. It is comprehensive and rich in nutrition. Regular eating can make the skin rosy, tender and shiny.