How to deal with wrinkles on face

1. Regular rest, look less at the phone, the night is the best time to repair the skin, adequate rest time can not only eliminate physical fatigue, but also give the skin full relief and relaxation.

2. Keep the mood happy,do less exaggerated expression movements.

3. Often massage the face, massage action can promote cell metabolism,better absorption of skin care products, tighten the skin,maintain skin elasticity,in the long run, wrinkles are difficult to leave traces on your face.

4. Exercise regularly, you are really willing to invest a lot of energy in cosmetics, it is really better to take three or four days a week, an hour or two a day to exercise.Exercise sweating can not only eliminate toxins from the body,but also make the skin on the body and face very firm,long-term exercise, the benefits are obvious.

Massage techniques to remove wrinkles on the face

Step1: Lift the cheek line

Use your fingers to gently lift the cheeks next to the nasolabial folds up, so that the lines are slightly exposed, easy to apply the product.

Step2: Fill the lines

Apply the lotion to the belly of one finger,then fill the lines exposed by the previous step from bottom to top.

Step3: Gently press for good absorption

Use your fingers to gently press on the nasolabial folds to promote absorption and speed up the effect.