How to choose the color for permanent makeup?

1. For people with dark hair and dark skin, apply one or two drops from black to gray. For those with yellow hair and white skin, one or two drops from brown to gray.

2. Dark brown, light brown, and black are generally not recommended. I don't recommend black, especially for foggy eyebrows, but I recommend black for root eyebrows.

3. Do not use eyebrow colors that are darker than the hair color. If your hair is dark brown, avoid embroidered black eyebrows.

4.If your hair is reddish or reddish-brown, don't use brown-red easily.

5. If your hair color is gold, sorghum, and brown,you can choose neutral tones and cool tones when choosing tattoo colors. For example, beige, gray or green (suitable for blondes) and other colors.

6. Apply rice-sized khaki on all your eyebrows to prevent them from turning red.