How to choose sunscreen products

1.When using sunscreen products with SPF50 or more and PA+, pay attention to the PA value. Whether to apply multiple layers when selecting a product type is standard.

(1)Face:sunscreen lotion and sunscreen lotion,can be thickened and close to the skin;

(2)Body: sunscreen lotion has good ductility;

(3)It is more convenient to spray sunscreen spray on the hair.

(4)When the makeup effect is longer lasting, use sunscreen powder with sunscreen powder.

2. Do not use sunscreen 6 months ago!


1. Prevent skin aging and promote skin whitening. Active and moderate intake of antioxidants, vitamins ACE/cysteine/lycopene/astaxanthin and ellagic acid;

2. The main reason for the rapid relaxation of the skin in summer is ultraviolet light. In addition to UV protection, you also need to get proper nutrition, especially protein,vitamins and minerals, and to ensure adequate sleep.

3. Use Vitamin ACE to fight ultraviolet rays and supplement it daily through diet;

4. Eating citrus fruits in the morning will produce pigmentation. In the summer, if you want to get more vitamin C to fight UV rays, you can use chili/red cabbage/broccoli and cauliflower without Simsolen.