How to care for sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is like a barometer, once there is a change in the weather or surrounding environment, it immediately reacts with peeling, redness, pain and itchiness. Although a small percentage of sensitive skin is born, the vast majority of people are artificially caused!

Think back to the sensitive skin, do you:

  • Do not know the ingredients of skin care products, blindly apply blindly?
  • Not according to their own skin, just heard that so-and-so mask is very good to buy?
  • Feeling greasy skin, you desperately wash your face, do cleaning mask?
  • Your skin is itchy, red, swollen and flaky and you like to touch it with your hands?

If the answer is "✔", today's tweet must be for you!

The sebaceous membrane is the skin's facade, which protects the skin from environmental stimuli and locks in water and moisture, once the facade is damaged, the skin is especially prone to sensitivity and redness!

Skin sensitivity, most people began to choose sensitive skin care products for sensitive skin

At this stage the common brands on the market in the face of sensitive skin taken by the skincare concept are negative anti-allergy, is to let you use the product after the product, will not be allergic to maintain the status quo of the skin!

But the problem also arose, hypoallergenic skin care products, you use, not allergic, but little skin care efficacy, as we grow older, the skin needs the help of skin care products to achieve more efficacy: anti-aging, whitening, oil control ...... hypoallergenic products but can not achieve, but there is no way not to use it, because leave this product, the skin is sensitive again ...... this is the dependence on hypoallergenic skin care products!

How to care for sensitive skin under the dead cycle?

For hormones, heavy metals and other harmful additives, air pollution, sun exposure, makeup residue and other skin damage caused by sensitive skin, can deeply remove and metabolize the toxic residues in the skin, effectively improve the toxic substances induced by a variety of allergy symptoms.

No additives, mild and non-irritating, can be used during the allergy period, continuous desensitization, replenish nutrients for sensitive skin, repair damaged cells, create a natural skin barrier, enhance skin resistance, so that the skin to restore a healthy non-sensitive state. After getting rid of sensitive skin, you can choose other efficacious skin care products. A transparent white and flawless vegan picture, your skin will have it too!