How to apply mask for dry skin in autumn

The autumn climate is dry,the air humidity is low,and the skin loss is difficult to avoid, so special attention needs to be paid to replenishing moisture to keep the skin moist.Therefore, timely replenishment of sufficient moisture to the skin and prevention of excessive skin dehydration are the most basic and primary skin care measures in women's beauty and beauty.

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1. Be sure to wash your face

No matter how dry the skin is,as long as the face touches the dirty air, you must remove your makeup and wash your face.The principle is not to massage too hard when washing your face,and choose makeup remover face washing products with higher moisturizing ingredients,fully rub and foam before massage.After washing your face, just use a clean towel to suck off the moisture on your face.

2.To avoid skin loss of luster

Summer skin is heavily exposed to ultraviolet rays, and in autumn, it feels that the skin lacks luster and looks dull. As the temperature drops, the amount of sebum and moisture content of the skin decreases sharply. If you ignore such changes and still maintain summer maintenance methods, your skin will be dry due to insufficient moisture and oil. Therefore, the use of moisture-retaining lotion is the focus of maintenance, which can make your face transparent and shiny.

3.Skin tanning immediate remedy

As the boom of bronzed skin fades, more and more people have noticed the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the human body. Not to mention that excessive exposure will not only darken the skin, but also accelerate skin aging. The best practice is, of course, to prevent it before it happens. But if you accidentally sunburnt and tanned, remember to apply ice immediately until the skin is no longer red, swollen and painful, and then add moisture in a timely manner with whitening and moisturizing essence.

4.UV damage is still very large

Some people think that the autumn sun is not as virulent as summer, and the work of sunscreen whitening is negligent. As everyone knows, the ultraviolet rays of Qiuyang are still very strong. At this time, if you go out, you must apply moisturizer, cream or foundation with sunscreen coefficient, and because the skin is easy to dry in autumn, it is best to choose one that contains moisturizing ingredients.

5.Weakened skin elasticity during the change of season

The damage suffered by the skin in the summer will fully appear in the autumn.If not only the skin is dry,but even its own elasticity is weakened,the situation can be said to be quite serious. At this time, only through 1 to 2 weeks of continuous intensive moisturizing and maintenance can be done.Apply a mask with high moisturizing properties to the face every two or three days.Massage can also be used to assist the worse parts,and cooperate with the intake of vitamin C, so that the skin can return to its original health as soon as possible.